The Epstein Birthday Schrift dedicated to David Epstein on the occasion of his 60th birthday. (English) Zbl 0901.00063

Geometry and Topology Monographs. 1. Warwick: University of Warwick, Institute of Mathematics, 556 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Almgren, Frederic J. jun.; Rivin, Igor, The mean curvature integral is invariant under bending, 1-21 [Zbl 0914.53007]
Anderson, James W., A brief survey of the deformation theory of Kleinian groups, 23-49 [Zbl 0904.30024]
Bowditch, B. H., Boundaries of strongly accessible hyperbolic groups, 51-97 [Zbl 0918.20027]
Bridson, Martin R., Controlled embeddings into groups that have no non-trivial finite quotients, 99-116 [Zbl 0922.20045]
Button, Jack, All Fuchsian Schottky groups are classical Schottky groups, 117-125 [Zbl 0909.20031]
Cooper, D.; Long, D. D., On the Burau representation modulo a small prime, 127-138 [Zbl 0923.20030]
Dunwoody, M. J., Folding sequences, 139-158 [Zbl 0927.20013]
Fenn, Roger; Rourke, Colin, Characterisation of a class of equations with solutions over torsion-free groups, 159-166 [Zbl 0913.20018]
Griffiths, David, At most 27 length inequalities define Maskit’s fundamental domain for the modular group in genus 2, 169-182 [Zbl 0901.57021]
Haglund, Frédéric; Paulin, Frédéric, Simplicity of automorphism groups of spaces with negative curvature, 181-248 [Zbl 0916.51019]
Holt, Derek F., Automatic groups, subgroups and cosets, 249-260 [Zbl 0917.20031]
Howie, James, Minimal Seifert manifolds for higher ribbon knots, 261-293 [Zbl 0901.57028]
Izquierdo, M.; Singerman, D., On the fixed-point set of automorphisms of non-orientable surfaces without boundary, 295-301 [Zbl 0913.20019]
Komori, Yohei; Series, Caroline, The Riley slice revisited, 303-316 [Zbl 0904.30025]
Kourouniotis, Christos, On the continuity of bending, 317-334 [Zbl 0904.30026]
Marden, Albert, Complex projective structures on Kleinian groups, 335-340 [Zbl 0904.30027]
Mitra, Mahan, Coarse extrinsic geometry: A survey, 341-364 [Zbl 0914.20034]
Morton, H. R.; Ryder, H. J., Mutants and \(SU(3)_q\) invariants, 365-381 [Zbl 0901.57002]
Neumann, Walter D., Hilbert’s 3rd problem and invariants of 3-manifolds, 383-411 [Zbl 0902.57013]
Niblo, Graham A.; Wise, Daniel T., The engulfing property for 3-manifolds, 413-418 [Zbl 0910.57007]
Ohshika, Ken’ichi, Divergent sequences of Kleinian groups, 419-450 [Zbl 0901.57020]
Parker, John R.; Parkkonen, Jouni, Coordinates for quasi-Fuchsian punctured torus spaces, 451-478 [Zbl 0913.32005]
Potyagailo, Leonid, The boundary of the deformation space of the fundamental group of some hyperbolic 3-manifolds fibering over the circle, 479-492 [Zbl 0911.57012]
Rees, Sarah, Hairdressing in groups: A survey of combings and formal languages, 493-509 [Zbl 0922.20040]
Thurston, William P., Shapes of polyhedra and triangulations of the sphere, 511-549 [Zbl 0931.57010]
Zeghib, Abdelghani, Homogeneous spacetimes, 551-576 [Zbl 0920.53027]


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