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Nonbinary convolutional coding in channels with jamming. (English. Russian original) Zbl 0901.94027
Probl. Inf. Transm. 31, No. 2, 169-183 (1995); translation from Probl. Peredachi Inf. 31, No. 2, 84-101 (1995).
Summary: The characteristics of \(q\)-ary convolutional codes are investigated for the ensemble of codes where the codes are used for information transmission under the condition that there is artificial signal-like noise (jamming) in the channel and additive noise is absent. As a model of this channel, we consider the \(J\)-channel described below, which is a particular case of a discrete memoryless channel. A decoding algorithm of the convolutional codes is proposed. Upper estimates for the decoding error probability and the decoding complexity are derived for the ensemble of convolutional codes. Exponential-type estimates for the distribution function of the decoding complexity for the ensemble of trellis codes are derived as well. Results of simulation of convolutional codes based on the Reed-Solomon codes are presented.

94B10 Convolutional codes
94B35 Decoding