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Geometric complex analysis. Proceedings of the conference held at the 3rd International Research Institute of the Mathematical Society of Japan, Hayama, March 19–29, 1995. (English) Zbl 0903.00037
Singapore: World Scientific. xxii, 714 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Abe, Yukitaka, Lefschetz type theorem, 1-7 [Zbl 0933.14004]
Adachi, Kenzō, Continuation of holomorphic functions from subvarieties, 9-17 [Zbl 0932.32017]
Akahori, Takao, On Hodge theory over strongly pseudo convex boundaries, 19-24 [Zbl 0927.32012]
Alexander, Herbert, Gromov’s method and hulls, 25-33 [Zbl 0930.32008]
Arai, Hitoshi, Degenerate elliptic operators, \(H^1\) spaces and diffusions on strongly pseudoconvex domains, 35-42 [Zbl 0915.47035]
Azukawa, Kazuo, The pluri-complex Green function and a covering mapping, 43-50 [Zbl 0920.32014]
Berenstein, Carlos A.; Yger, Alain, Residue currents and arithmetical applications, 51-56 [Zbl 0921.32002]
Berteloot, Francois; Pinchuk, S., A splitting property for proper holomorphic mappings between Reinhardt domains, 57-65 [Zbl 0932.32023]
Buzzard, Gregery T.; Fornaess, John Erik, Compositional roots of Hénon maps, 67-73 [Zbl 0941.37022]
Cegrell, Urban, Some remarks on the pluricomplex Green function, 75-79 [Zbl 0920.32015]
Cegrell, Urban; Yamaguchi, Hiroshi, Construction of equilibrium current densities, 81-87 [Zbl 0915.31002]
Chang, Der-Chen, On zero sets of holomorphic functions in Hardy classes, 89-107 [Zbl 0924.32001]
Cho, Sanghyun, Estimates on the Bergman kernels on some domains in \(\mathbb{C}^n\), 109-115 [Zbl 0927.32002]
Choi, Yun Sung, Numerical radius of a holomorphic mapping, 117-122 [Zbl 0921.46043]
Christ, Michael, A progress report on analytic hypoellipticity, 123-146 [Zbl 0924.47029]
Dethloff, G.; Zaidenberg, M., Examples of plane curves of low degrees with hyperbolic and \(C\)-hyperbolic complements, 147-161 [Zbl 0943.32016]
Diederich, Klas, Some aspects of the Levi problem: Recent developments, 163-181 [Zbl 0930.32019]
Dineen, Seán, Complex analysis in an infinite dimensional setting, 183-194 [Zbl 0937.46040]
Enoki, Ichiro, A bimeromorphic characterization of compact complex parallelizable manifolds, 195-198 [Zbl 0917.32022]
Fujiki, Akira, Partial compactifications of certain hyperkähler quotients, 199-204 [Zbl 0935.53022]
Fujimoto, Hirotaka, Value-distribution-theoretic properties of the Gauss map of complete minimal surfaces, 205-214 [Zbl 0918.32009]
Graham, Ian, On the Bloch constant for convex maps of the unit ball in \(\mathbb{C}^n\), 215-218 [Zbl 0965.32010]
Hamada, Hidetaka, Proper holomorphic self mappings of some Reinhardt domains in \(\mathbb{C}^n\), 219-234 [Zbl 0918.32010]
Hayashimoto, Atsushi, On proper holomorphic mappings and CR mappings, 235-238 [Zbl 0932.32024]
Hirachi, Kengo, Invariants of CR structures and the logarithmic singularity of the Bergman kernel, 239-247 [Zbl 0920.32022]
Honda, Tatsuhiro, The existence of solutions of the \(\bar\partial\)-problem on an infinite dimensional Riemann domain, 249-260 [Zbl 0927.32027]
Huckleberry, Alan; Zaitsev, Dmitri, Actions of groups of birationally extendible automorphisms, 261-285 [Zbl 0943.32014]
Iwasaki, Chisato, A new construction of an asymptotics for the fundamental solutions for parabolic initial-boundary problem and its application to the \(\bar\partial\)-Neumann problem, 287-295 [Zbl 0927.58012]
Ji, Lizhen, Compactifications of symmetric spaces and locally symmetric spaces, 297-308 [Zbl 0936.53033]
Ji, Shanyu, New approaches to the Riemann mapping theorem, 309-316 [Zbl 0932.32022]
Kajiwara, Joji, Reproducing kernels for abstract Wiener spaces, 317-321 [Zbl 0924.46023]
Kaneko, Hiroshi, Liouville theorems based on Dirichlet integrals, 323-330 [Zbl 0917.31005]
Kim, Dae Kyu, On Hankel operator, 331-336 [Zbl 0914.47030]
Kobayashi, Ryoichi, Restructuring value distribution theory, 337-354 [Zbl 0917.32020]
Kobayashi, Shoshichi, On the intrinsic relative distance, 355-361 [Zbl 0932.32020]
Kodama, Akio, Characterizations of generalized complex ellipsoids in \(\mathbb{C}^n\) from the viewpoint of biholomorphic automorphisms, 363-369 [Zbl 0927.32019]
Kuranishi, Masatake, CR structures and tubular complex neighborhoods, 371-383 [Zbl 0921.32007]
Leiterer, Jürgen, From local to global homotopy formulas for \(\bar\partial\) and \(\bar\partial_b\), 385-391 [Zbl 1025.32500]
Lempert, László, Algebraic approximations, 393-399 [Zbl 0942.32015]
Lu, Steven Shin-Yi, On hyperbolicity and the Green-Griffiths conjecture for surfaces, 401-408 [Zbl 0941.32024]
Mabuchi, Toshiki, Orthogonality in the geometry of \(L^p\)-spaces, 409-417 [Zbl 0920.46023]
Makhmutov, Shamil, Value-distribution of non-Bloch functions, 419-425 [Zbl 0919.30026]
Matsumoto, Kazuko, Boundary distance functions and q-convexity of locally q-convex domains with corners in Kähler manifolds, 427-435 [Zbl 0927.32009]
Matsushima, Toshio, Radial image by a holomorphic function on the unit disk, 437-441 [Zbl 0916.30031]
Matsuzaki, Katsuhiko, Bounded and integrable quadratic differentials: Hyperbolic and extremal lengths on Riemann surfaces, 443-450 [Zbl 0920.30035]
McNeal, Jeffery D., Scaling and holomorphic projections on convex domains, 451-459 [Zbl 0927.32029]
Miyajima, Kimio, A Bogomolov-type smoothness on deformations of quasi-Gorenstein cone singularities of dim \(\geqq 4\), 461-465 [Zbl 0921.32012]
Miyazawa, Kazuhisa, On the \(\bar\partial\)-cohomology groups of strongly q-concave manifolds, 467-473 [Zbl 0927.32007]
Mok, Ngaiming, Holomorphic foliations with compatible degenerate Kähler metrics: Applications to the Shafarevich conjecture and to fibration theorems, 475-484 [Zbl 0921.32010]
Namba, Makoto, Representations of the third braid group and Fenchel’s problem, 485-488 [Zbl 0918.20029]
Noguchi, Junjiro, On Nevanlinna’s Second Main Theorem, 489-503 [Zbl 0927.32015]
Ohsawa, Takeo, Applications of \(L^2\) estimates and some complex geometry, 505-523 [Zbl 0927.32028]
Sakai, Akira, On totally real sets, 525-533 [Zbl 0919.32009]
Shaw, Mei-Chi, Integral representations for \(\bar\partial_b\) in CR manifolds, 535-549 [Zbl 0947.32024]
Shiffman, Bernard, The Second Main Theorem for log canonical \(\mathbb{R}\)-divisors, 551-561 [Zbl 0917.32021]
Shimizu, Satoru, Holomorphic equivalence problem for two-dimensional tube domains with polynomial infinitesimal automorphisms, 563-568 [Zbl 0921.32011]
Shon, Kwang Ho, On pseudoconvex neighborhoods of real subspaces, 569-576 [Zbl 0914.46036]
Siu, Yum-Tong, The Fujita conjecture and the extension theorem of Ohsawa-Takegoshi, 577-592 [Zbl 0941.32021]
Suzuki, Makoto, From the Big Picard Theorem to a finiteness theorem in hyperbolic geometry, 593-601 [Zbl 0940.32009]
Takayama, Shigeharu, Remarks on the holomorphic convexity of the universal covering space of a projective manifold, 603-607 [Zbl 0946.32006]
Takegoshi, Kensho, A degeneration of Leray spectral sequence by proper Kähler morphisms, 609-616 [Zbl 0930.32015]
Tsuji, Miki, On a problem of Ohsawa, 617-621 [Zbl 0933.32018]
Tu, Zhen-Han, Normality criterions for families of holomorphic mappings into \(P^n(\mathbb{C})\), 623-627 [Zbl 0944.32015]
Ueda, Tetsuo, Julia sets for complex dynamics on projective spaces, 629-633 [Zbl 0917.58036]
Urakawa, Hajime, Yang-Mills connections and deformation theory over compact strongly pseudoconvex CR manifolds, 635-652 [Zbl 0938.58016]
Vâjâitu, Viorel, On \(P\)-morphisms of complex spaces, 653-665 [Zbl 0923.32013]
Winkelmann, Joerg, Complex parallelizable manifolds, 667-678 [Zbl 0917.32005]
Yoshikawa, Ken-Ichi, On the spectral zeta functions of Kähler varieties with conical singularities, 679-690 [Zbl 0921.58068]
Zaidenberg, Mikhail, On exotic algebraic structures on affine spaces, 691-714 [Zbl 0934.14042]
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