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Papers on general topology and applications. Papers from the 8th summer conference at Queens College, New York, NY, USA, June 18–20, 1992. (English) Zbl 0903.00047
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 728. New York, NY: The New York Academy of Sciences. x, 355 p. (1994).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (7, 1991) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0801.00017 and Zbl 0801.00034).
Indexed articles:
Bankston, Paul, Topological measures of systems of sets, 1-15 [Zbl 0922.54017]
Ferrer, J.; Gregori, V., Topological linearly ordered spaces determined by Pervin’s quasi-uniformity, 16-21 [Zbl 0915.54022]
García-Ferreira, Salvador, Some generalizations of pseudocompactness, 22-31 [Zbl 0911.54022]
Gehrke, Mai, Uniquely representable posets, 32-40 [Zbl 0913.06002]
Hamlett, T. R.; Janković, Dragan, On weaker forms of paracompactness, countable compactness, and Lindelöfness, 41-49 [Zbl 0911.54018]
Hodel, R. E., \(\kappa\)-structures and topology, 50-63 [Zbl 0915.54002]
Künzi, Hans-Peter A.; Vajner, Václav, Weighted quasi-metrics, 64-77 [Zbl 0915.54023]
Priestley, H. A., Intrinsic spectral topologies, 78-95 [Zbl 0911.54026]
Prokop, Frank P., A step beyond topology, 96-113 [Zbl 0944.54001]
Romaguera, Salvador, On complete Aronszajn quasi-metric spaces and subcompactness, 114-121 [Zbl 0912.54029]
Srivastava, Pramila; Singh, Sangita, \(\psi X\) in the categorical perspective and the proximal adjunction space, 122-131 [Zbl 0913.54023]
Srivastava, Pramila; Khare, Mona, Pointwise compatibility, lattices of \(f\)-proximities and counterexamples, 132-142 [Zbl 0915.54020]
Yang, Zhanbo, Some properties of Shimrat’s spaces, 143-153 [Zbl 0911.54028]
Herman, Gabor T., Jordan pairs of adjacency relations in digital spaces, 154-169 [Zbl 0913.68202]
Evako, Alexander V.; Melter, Robert A., Graphical dimension for line segments, 170-173 [Zbl 0913.68203]
Kovalevsky, Vladimir; Kopperman, Ralph, Some topology-based image processing algorithms, 174-182 [Zbl 0913.68216]
Matthews, S. G., Partial metric topology, 183-197 [Zbl 0911.54025]
Peters, Thomas J.; Rosen, David W.; Dorney, Suzanne M., The diversity of topological applications within computer-aided geometric design, 198-209 [Zbl 0913.68209]
Rice, Michael D., Covering spaces, boundary sets, and interconnection networks, 210-226 [Zbl 0917.68165]
Ahdout, Shahla; Hurwitz, Carol; Itzkowitz, Gerald; Rothman, Sheldon; Strassberg, Helen, Maximal protori in compact topological groups, 227-236 [Zbl 0935.22008]
Comfort, W. Wistar; Gladdines, Helma; van Mill, Jan, Proper pseudocompact subgroups of pseudocompact Abelian groups, 237-247 [Zbl 0915.54029]
Comfort, W. W.; Soundararajan, T.; Trigos-Arieta, F. J., Determining a weakly locally compact group topology by its system of closed subgroups, 248-261 [Zbl 0921.22001]
Hernández, Salvador; Sanchis, Manuel, Dugundji spaces in the coset space \(G/H\), 262-268 [Zbl 0911.54030]
Sabbaghan, Masoud; Wu, Ta-Sun, Noncoalescent minimal discrete flows, 269-275 [Zbl 0916.54023]
Shakhmatov, Dmitri B., A direct proof that every infinite compact group \(G\) contains \(\{ 0,1\}^{w(G)}\), 276-283 [Zbl 0971.22003]
Stevens, T. Christine, Nonproduct group topologies for \(\mathbb{R}^n\), 284-289 [Zbl 0913.22002]
Trigos-Arrieta, F. Javier, Normality and the weak topology on a locally compact Abelian group, 290-295 [Zbl 0914.22006]
Araujo, Jesús; Beckenstein, Edward; Narici, Lawrence, Biseparating maps and rings of continuous functions, 296-303 [Zbl 0911.54014]
Chu, Cho-Ho, On the weak topology in operator algebras, 304-309 [Zbl 0913.46047]
Cohen, Jo-Ann; Koh, Kwangil, Topological and algebraic properties of the subgroup generated by the involutions in a compact ring, 310-315 [Zbl 0925.16026]
Cohen, Jo-Ann; Mathews, David; Shell, Niel, \(F\)-transcendental Ostrowski nets, 316-323 [Zbl 0916.12004]
Namioka, I., \(\sigma\)-fragmented Banach spaces and function spaces, 324-329 [Zbl 0921.46014]
Rădulescu, Vicenţiu D., Vector norms and duality properties in normed vector spaces, 330-338 [Zbl 0916.46013]
Shell, Niel, Residue class topologies, 339-345 [Zbl 0911.54031]
Sultan, A., Some topological results on sets of measures defined on the structure space of Banach algebras, 346-350 [Zbl 0915.46045]

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