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IThe 2nd international workshop on rewriting logic and its applications, RWLW.. Abbaye des Prèmontrès at Pont-á-Mousson, France, September 1998. (English) Zbl 0903.00070
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science. 15. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 26 articles (1998).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding workshop (1st, 1996) has been reviewed in Zbl 0903.00068.
Indexed articles:
Basin, David; Matthews, Seán, Scoped metatheorems, electronic paper No. 2 [Zbl 0917.68197]
Clavel, M.; Durán, F.; Eker, S.; Lincoln, P.; Martí-Oliet, N.; Meseguer, J., Metalevel computation in Maude, electronic paper No. 3 [Zbl 0917.68024]
Visser, Eelco; Benaissa, Zine-el-Abidine, A core language for rewriting, electronic paper No. 4 [Zbl 0917.68098]
Eker, Steven, Term rewriting with operator evaluation strategies, electronic paper No. 5 [Zbl 0917.68113]
Borovanský, Peter, Controlling rewriting: Study and implementation of a strategy formalism, electronic paper No. 6 [Zbl 0917.68102]
Diaconescu, Razvan; Futatsugi, Kokichi, An overview of \(CafeOBJ\), electronic paper No. 7 [Zbl 0917.68101]
Jouannaud, Jean-Pierre, Membership equation logic, calculus of inductive instructions, and rewrite logic. (Extended abstract), electronic paper No. 8 [Zbl 0917.68118]
Bruni, R.; Meseguer, J.; Montanari, U., Internal strategies in a rewriting implementation of tile systems, electronic paper No. 9 [Zbl 0917.68104]
Matsumoto, Michihiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi, Test set coinduction – toward automated verification of behavioural properties, electronic paper No. 10 [Zbl 0917.68114]
van den Brand, M. G. J.; Klint, P.; Verhoef, C., Term rewriting for sale, electronic paper No. 11 [Zbl 0917.68112]
Schorlemmer, W. Marco, Rewriting logic as a logic of special relations, electronic paper No. 12 [Zbl 0917.68109]
Durán, Francisco; Meseguer, José, An extensible module algebra for Maude, electronic paper No. 13 [Zbl 0919.68076]
Borovanský, Peter; Jamoussi, Salma; Moreau, Pierre-Etienne; Ringeisen, Christophe, Handling \(ELAN\) rewrite programs via an exchange format, electronic paper No. 14 [Zbl 0917.68023]
Bruni, Roberto, A logic modular descriptions of asynchronous and synchronized concurrent systems, electronic paper No. 15 [Zbl 0917.68099]
Clavel, M.; Durán, F.; Eker, S.; Lincoln, P.; Martí-Oliet, N.; Mesaguer, J.; Quesada, J. F., Maude as a metalanguage, electronic paper No. 16 [Zbl 0917.68106]
Giunchiglia, Fausto; Bertoli, Piergiorgio; Coglio, Alessandro, The OMRS project: State of the art, electronic paper No. 17 [Zbl 0917.68175]
Carabetta, Georgia; Degano, Pierpaolo, CCS semantics via proved transition systems and rewriting logic, electronic paper No. 18 [Zbl 0917.68126]
Denker, Grit, From rewrite theories to temporal logic theories, electronic paper No. 19 [Zbl 0917.68103]
Steggles, L. J.; Kosiuczenko, Piotr, A timed rewriting logic semantics for SDL: A case study of alternating bit protocol, electronic paper No. 20 [Zbl 0917.68116]
Clavel, Manuel, Reflection in general logics, rewriting logic, and Maude, electronic paper No. 21 [Zbl 0917.68108]
Borovanský, Peter; Kirchner, Claude; Kirchner, Hélène; Moreau, Pierre-Etienne; Ringeisen, Christophe, An overview of ELAN, electronic paper No. 22 [Zbl 0917.68022]
Meseguer, José; Talcott, Carolyn, Mapping OMRS to rewring logic, electronic paper No. 23 [Zbl 0917.68105]
Viry, Patrick, Adventures in sequent calculus modulo equations, electronic paper No. 24 [Zbl 0917.68100]
Borovanský, Peter; Castro, Carlos, Cooperation of constraint solvers: Using the new process control facilities of ELAN, electronic paper No. 25 [Zbl 0917.68117]
Mosses, Peter D., Semantics, modularity, and rewriting logic, electronic paper No. 26 [Zbl 0917.68110]
Lechner, Ulrike, Object-oriented specification of distributed systems, electronic paper No. 27 [Zbl 0917.68069]

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68Q42 Grammars and rewriting systems
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