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Galois representations in arithmetic algebraic geometry. Proceedings of the symposium, Durham, UK, July 9–18, 1996. (English) Zbl 0905.00052
London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series. 254. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 493 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Coleman, R.; Mazur, B., The eigencurve, 1-113 [Zbl 0932.11030]
Erez, B., Geometric trends in Galois module theory, 115-145 [Zbl 0931.11047]
Goncharov, Alexander, Mixed elliptic motives, 147-221 [Zbl 0993.11032]
Gross, Benedict H., On the Satake isomorphism, 223-237 [Zbl 0996.11038]
Mazur, B., Open problems regarding rational points on curves and varieties, 239-265 [Zbl 0943.14009]
Moonen, Ben, Models of Shimura varieties in mixed characteristics, 267-350 [Zbl 0962.14017]
Rubin, Karl, Euler systems and modular elliptic curves, 351-367 [Zbl 0952.11016]
Schneider, Peter, Basic notions of rigid analytic geometry, 369-378 [Zbl 0954.14015]
Scholl, A. J., An introduction to Kato’s Euler systems, 379-460 [Zbl 0952.11015]
Serre, Jean-Pierre, The Euler-Poincaré distribution of a profinite group, 461-493 [Zbl 0943.20024]

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