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Handbook of recursive mathematics. Vol. 2: Recursive algebra, analysis and combinatorics. (English) Zbl 0905.03002
Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics. 139. Amsterdam: Elsevier. xlvi, 623–1372 (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Cenzer, D.; Remmel, J. B., \(\Pi_1^0\) classes in mathematics, 623-821 [Zbl 0941.03044]
Downey, R. G., Computability theory and linear orderings, 823-976 [Zbl 0941.03045]
Downey, R. G.; Remmel, J. B., Computable algebras and closure systems: Coding properties, 977-1039 [Zbl 0939.03046]
Gasarch, W., A survey of recursive combinatorics, 1041-1176 [Zbl 0936.03041]
Khisamiev, N. G., Constructive abelian groups, 1177-1231 [Zbl 0940.03044]
Kierstead, H. A., Recursive and on-line graph coloring, 1233-1269 [Zbl 0930.03050]
Ko, K., Polynomial-time computability in analysis, 1271-1317 [Zbl 0938.03090]
Odintsov, S. P., Generally constructive Boolean algebras, 1319-1354 [Zbl 0940.03048]
Simpson, S. G.; Rao, J., Reverse algebra, 1355-1372 [Zbl 0928.03064]

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