Séminaire Bourbaki. Volume 1997/98. Exposés 835–849. (French) Zbl 0911.00019

Astérisque. 252. Paris: Société Mathématique de France, 367 p. (1998).

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Table of contents: The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding seminar (1996/97) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0910.00034).
Indexed articles:
Gallot, Sylvestre, Volume, Ricci curvature and convergence of manifolds [after T. H. Colding and Cheeger-Colding], 7-32, Exp. No. 835 [Zbl 0976.53038]
Geck, Meinolf, Representations of Hecke algebras at roots of unity, 33-55, Exp. No. 836 [Zbl 0931.20006]
Hellegouarch, Yves, Zeta-functions in positive characteristic and Carlitz-Hayes modules, 57-79, Exp. No. 837 [Zbl 0934.11034]
Katz, André, Introduction to quasi-crystals, 81-103, Exp. No. 838 [Zbl 0924.52015]
Van Moerbeke, Pierre, \(W\)-algebras and nonlinear equations, 105-129, Exp. No. 839 [Zbl 1029.81035]
Faltings, Gerd, Curves and their fundamental groups [following Grothendieck, Tamagawa and Mochizuki], 131-150, Exp. No. 840 [Zbl 0933.14015]
Julg, Pierre, Works of N. Higson and G. Kasparov on the Baum-Connes conjecture, 151-183, Exp. No. 841 [Zbl 0937.46063]
Michel, Philippe, Recent progress of the sieve and applications [after Duke, Fouvry, Friedlander, Iwaniec], 185-209, Exp. No. 842 [Zbl 0940.11042]
Oesterlé, Joseph, Formal quantization of Poisson manifolds [after Maxim Kontsevich], 211-229, Exp. No. 843 [Zbl 1083.53505]
Sikorav, Jean-Claude, Construction of symplectic submanifolds [after S. K. Donaldson and D. Auroux], 231-253, Exp. No. 844 [Zbl 1083.53503]
Fulton, William, Eigenvalues of sums of Hermitian matrices [after A. Klyachko], 255-269, Exp. No. 845 [Zbl 0929.15006]
Gross, Leonard, Harmonic functions on loop groups, 271-286, Exp. No. 846 [Zbl 0931.58020]
Littelmann, Peter, Canonical bases and applications, 287-306, Exp. No. 847 [Zbl 0966.17009]
Pandharipande, Rahul, Rational curves on hypersurfaces [after A. Givental], 307-340, Exp. No. 848 [Zbl 0932.14029]
van der Put, Marius, Recent work on differential Galois theory, 341-367, Exp. No. 849 [Zbl 0931.12008]


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Zbl 0910.00034