Hyperbolic problems: Theory, numerics, applications. Proceedings of the 7th international conference, Zürich, Switzerland, February 1998. Vol. II. (English) Zbl 0911.00029

ISNM. International Series of Numerical Mathematics. 130. Basel: Birkhäuser. xii, 504-1011 $ 145.00/vol. 1; $ 259.00/set (1999).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 5th conference (1994) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0903.00041).
Indexed articles:
Jenny, Patrick; Müller, Bernhard, A new approach for a flux solver taking into account source terms, viscous and multidimensional effects, 503-513 [Zbl 0937.76042]
Jenssen, Kristian Helge; Sinestrari, Carlo, Blowup for hyperbolic equations, 515-524 [Zbl 0932.35026]
Jochmann, F., Some analytical results concerning the drift diffusion equations for semiconductor devices coupled with Maxwell’s equations, 525-534 [Zbl 1058.82538]
Kazhikhov, Alexandre V.; Mamontov, Alexandre E., Transport equations and Orlicz spaces, 535-544 [Zbl 0938.35090]
Klausen, Runhild Aae; Risebro, Nils Henrik, Well-posedness of a \(2\times 2\) system of resonant conservation laws, 545-552 [Zbl 0931.35094]
Klingenberg, Christian; Lu, Yun-Guang, The relaxation limit for systems of broadwell type, 553-557 [Zbl 0926.35079]
Kluwick, Alfred, Weakly-nonlinear hyperbolic waves in BZT-fluids, 559-568 [Zbl 0926.35119]
Koeber, Martin, Inclusion of solutions of Cauchy problems for quasilinear hyperbolic equations, 569-578 [Zbl 0927.35054]
Koren, Barry; Venis, Arthur, A fed back level-set method for moving material-void interfaces, 579-588 [Zbl 0929.35114]
Kulikovskii, A. G.; Pogorelov, N. V.; Semenov, A. Yu., Mathematical aspects of numerical solution of hyperbolic systems, 589-598 [Zbl 0926.35011]
LeFloch, Philippe G., Existence of entropy solutions for the compressible Euler equations, 599-607 [Zbl 0926.35109]
LeVeque, Randall J.; Bale, Derek S., Wave propagation methods for conservation laws with source terms, 609-618 [Zbl 0927.35062]
Levin, M. P., Quasi-characteristics numerical schemes, 619-628 [Zbl 0929.65073]
Li, Jiequan; Zhang, Tong, On the initial-value problem for zero-pressure gas dynamics, 629-640 [Zbl 0926.35120]
Li, Tong, Stability and instability of detonation waves, 641-650 [Zbl 0926.35019]
Liotta, Salvatore Fabio; Romano, Vittorio; Russo, Giovanni, Central schemes for systems of balance laws, 651-660 [Zbl 0926.35081]
Liska, Richard; Wendroff, Burton, Composite centered schemes for multidimensional conservation laws, 661-670 [Zbl 0929.65067]
Liu, Hailiang, On the diffusion limit of a hyperbolic relaxation system, 671-679 [Zbl 0926.35014]
Liu, Tai-Ping; Yang, Tong, Well-posedness theory for system of hyperbolic conservation laws, 681-691 [Zbl 0931.35097]
Luo, Tao; Xin, Zhouping, Nonlinear stability of shock fronts for a relaxation system in several space dimensions, 693-702 [Zbl 0929.35093]
Mao, D. K., Front tracking based on conservation in one and two space dimensions, 703-712 [Zbl 0972.35070]
Maurer, Jochen, A genuinely multi-dimensional scheme for mixed hyperbolic-parabolic systems, 713-722 [Zbl 0929.65084]
Métivier, Guy; Joly, Jean-Luc; Rauch, Jeffrey, Recent results in nonlinear geometric optics, 723-736 [Zbl 0938.35034]
Morton, K. W., Evolution-Galerkin methods: Algorithms and analysis from a finite difference viewpoint, 737-746 [Zbl 0929.65080]
Naldi, Giovanni; Pareschi, Lorenzo; Toscani, Giuseppe, Hyperbolic relaxation approximation to nonlinear parabolic problems, 747-756 [Zbl 0928.35099]
Noelle, Sebastian, A comparison of third and second order accurate finite volume schemes for the two-dimensional compressible Euler equations, 757-766 [Zbl 0923.76223]
Ostrov, Daniel, Unique solutions to discontinuous Hamilton-Jacobi equations in shape-from-shading, 767-772 [Zbl 0932.35040]
Peitz, Jochen; Appl, Stefan, Relativistic dissipative hydrodynamics in the \(3+1\) formulation, 773-782 [Zbl 0926.35121]
Radvogin, Yulian B.; Zaitsev, Nikolay A., Absolutely transparent boundary conditions for time-dependent wave-type problems, 783-792 [Zbl 0927.35058]
Rozanova, Olga S., Blow-up of solutions in system of atmosphere dynamics, 793-801 [Zbl 0926.35122]
Ruzhansky, M., Holomorphic factorization for the solution operators for hyperbolic equations, 803-811 [Zbl 0924.35205]
Rykov, Yurii G., The propagation of shock waves in 2-D system of pressureless gas dynamics, 813-822 [Zbl 0928.35127]
Schroll, H. Joachim; Lorenz, Jens, Hyperbolic systems with relaxation: Symmetrizers and entropies, 823-832 [Zbl 0926.35078]
Selezov, Igor, Some hyperbolic models for wave propagation, 833-842 [Zbl 0929.35081]
Serre, Denis, Discrete shock profiles and their stability, 843-853 [Zbl 0928.35102]
Sethian, J. A., Advances in fast marching and level set methods for propagating interfaces, 855-864 [Zbl 0929.65066]
Shen, Wen; Tveito, Aslak; Winther, Ragnar, Rate of convergence for the zero relaxation limit, 865-874 [Zbl 0926.35084]
Sherwin, Spencer, A high order Fourier/unstructured discontinuous Galerkin method for hyperbolic conservation laws, 875-884 [Zbl 0929.65082]
Shirikyan, Armen; Volevich, Leonid, Asymptotic properties of solutions to high-order hyperbolic equations generalizing the damped wave equation, 885-894 [Zbl 0929.35078]
Shyue, Keh-Ming, A volume-of-fluid algorithm for compressible two-phase flows, 895-904 [Zbl 0937.76064]
Sleziona, P. C.; Auweter-Kurtz, M.; Boie, C.; Heiermann, J.; Lenzner, S., Numerical code for magneto-plasma flows, 905-914 [Zbl 0936.76045]
Sofronov, Ivan L., Highly-accurate artificial boundary conditions for unsteady transonic flow problems in wind tunnels, 915-924 [Zbl 0929.35117]
Tadmor, Eitan; Tang, Tao, Pointwise convergence rate for nonlinear conservation laws, 925-934 [Zbl 0928.35100]
Tefy, Tiana; Leyland, Pénélope, Newton-GMRES resolution of ill conditioned hyperbolic systems in fluid dynamics, 935-944 [Zbl 0936.76047]
Temple, Blake; Smoller, Joel, Applications of shock-waves in general relativity, 945-952 [Zbl 0924.35183]
Teshukov, Vladimir M., The Riemann problem for the integrodifferential equations of the shallow water theory, 953-962 [Zbl 0926.35110]
Trivisa, Konstantina, Decay and uniqueness of solutions of nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws via generalized characteristics, 963-972 [Zbl 0933.35131]
Walder, Rolf; Folini, Doris, Radiative shocks, supersonic turbulence and structure formation in space, 973-982 [Zbl 0967.76051]
Westdickenberg, Michael; Noelle, Sebastian, A new convergence proof for FV schemes, 983-992 [Zbl 0929.65083]
Yserentant, Harry, The particle model of compressible fluids, 993-998 [Zbl 0928.35126]
Zimmermann, Susanne Amy, The method of transport for the Euler equations written as a kinetic scheme, 999-1008 [Zbl 0929.35118]


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