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Computational logic. Proceedings of the NATO ASI, Marktoberdorf, Germany, July 29–August 10, 1997. (English) Zbl 0911.00047
NATO ASI Series. Series F. Computer and Systems Sciences. 165. Berlin: Springer. viii, 444 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Abramsky, Samson; McCusker, Guy, Game semantics, 1-55 [Zbl 0961.68080]
Aczel, Peter, Notes on the simply typed lambda calculus, 57-97 [Zbl 0933.03007]
Barendregt, Henk, Problems in type theory, 99-111 [Zbl 0933.03077]
Benl, Holger; Schwichtenberg, Helmut, Formal correctness proofs of functional programs: Dijkstra’s algorithm, a case study, 113-126 [Zbl 0940.68123]
Buss, Samuel R., Propositional proof complexity: an introduction, 127-178 [Zbl 0946.68128]
Constable, Robert L., Formalizing decidability theorems about automata, 179-213 [Zbl 0940.68073]
Girard, Jean-Yves, On the meaning of logical rules. I: Syntax versus semantics, 215-272 [Zbl 0962.03055]
Handley, W. G.; Wainer, S. S., Complexity of primitive recursion, 273-300 [Zbl 0940.68061]
Martin, Ursula, Computers, reasoning and mathematical practice, 301-346 [Zbl 0940.68105]
Meseguer, José, Research directions in rewriting logic, 347-398 [Zbl 0940.68069]
Miller, Dale, Sequent calculus and the specification of computation, 399-444 [Zbl 0940.68020]
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68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
03-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to mathematical logic and foundations
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