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Commutative algebra. Proceedings of the workshop, ICTP, Miramare-Trieste, Italy, September 14–25, 1992. (English) Zbl 0913.00030
Singapore: World Scientific. viii, 315 p. (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Bhatwadekar, S. M.; Dutta, Amartya Kumar, On affine fibrations, 1-17 [Zbl 0926.13011]
Bresinsky, Henrik; Vogel, Wolfgang, On the concept of perfectness by Macaulay, 18-35 [Zbl 0926.13001]
Bruns, Winfried; Herzog, Jürgen; Vetter, Udo, Syzygies and walks, 36-57 [Zbl 0938.16505]
Fiorentini, Mario; Simon, Anne-Marie, Residual intersections and linkage for ideals of the weak principal class, 58-68 [Zbl 0924.13013]
Fors, Göran, Algebraic topological results on Stanley Reisner rings, 69-88 [Zbl 0934.55012]
Glaz, Sarah, Coherence, regularity and homological dimensions of commutative fixed rings, 89-106 [Zbl 0924.13007]
Gräbe, Hans-Gert, Hodge algebras and standard bases, 107-117 [Zbl 0924.13020]
Herrmann, Manfred, On multigraded Rees and form rings of equimultiple ideals, 118-129 [Zbl 0924.13004]
Kennedy, Gary; Simis, Aron; Ulrich, Bernd, Specialization of Rees algebras with a view to tangent star algebras, 130-139 [Zbl 0924.13005]
Kustin, Andrew R., The deviation two Gorenstein rings of Huneke and Ulrich, 140-163 [Zbl 0924.13015]
Miyazaki, Chikashi, Spectral sequence theory for generalized Cohen-Macaulay graded modules, 164-176 [Zbl 0924.13001]
Molinelli, Silvia; Tamone, Grazia, Generators of the derivation module of the Rees ring for monomial curves, 177-194 [Zbl 0924.13008]
Patil, D. P., Certain curves are set-theoretic complete intersections, 195-203 [Zbl 0924.14026]
Ribbe, Jürgen, On the Gorenstein property of multigraded Rees algebras, 204-216 [Zbl 0927.13005]
Scheja, Günter; Storch, Uwe, Regular sequences and elimination, 217-235 [Zbl 0927.13024]
Tian, Weidong, The Segre’s lemma with parameter, 236-244 [Zbl 0927.14028]
Ngô Viêt Trung, Reduction number, \(a\)-invariant and Rees algebras of ideals having small analytic deviation, 245-262 [Zbl 0927.13004]
Vasconcelos, Wolmer V., The integral closure, 263-290 [Zbl 0927.13013]
Verma, J. K.; Katz, D.; Mandal, S., Hilbert functions of bigraded algebras, 291-302 [Zbl 0927.13021]
Vetter, Udo, Exterior powers of the cokernel of a generic map, 303-315 [Zbl 0927.13017]
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