Proceedings of the international scientific conference of mathematics, Žilina, Slovakia, June 30–July 3, 1998. Vol. I. (English) Zbl 0914.00057

Žilina: EDIS, Žilina University Publisher. 276 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Baštinec, Jaromír; Diblík, Josef, The singular De La Vallée-Poussin problem for differential equations of \(n\)th-order, 7-14 [Zbl 0932.34017]
Bock, Igor, Von Kármán equations – from elasticity to viscoelasticity, 15-22 [Zbl 0940.74029]
Cecchi, Mariella; Došlá, Zuzana; Marini, Mauro, Oscillation of linear differential equations associated to disconjugate operators, 23-31 [Zbl 0946.34029]
Diblík, Josef, Bounded solutions of second order differential equation with constant delay, 33-40 [Zbl 0939.34069]
Diblík, Josef; Růžičková, Miroslava, Existence of solutions of differential equations of the form \(g(x)y'=\pm[\alpha(y)-\omega(x)]\) entering into a singular point, 41-48 [Zbl 0939.34027]
Došlý, Ondřej, Sturm-Liouville dynamic equations on time scales – a unified approach to continuous and discrete oscillation theory, 49-56 [Zbl 0933.34025]
Ďurikovič, Vladimír, Generic properties of the nonlinear mixed Dirichlet problem, 57-63 [Zbl 0931.35076]
Feťková, Janka, Existence and the basic properties of the solutions of a certain type of integral equations, 65-73 [Zbl 0929.45002]
Gleska, Alina; Werbowski, Jarosław, An asymptotic behavior of solutions of difference equations, 75-82 [Zbl 0929.39001]
Hakl, Robert, On bounded solutions of systems of linear functional differential equations, 83-90 [Zbl 0941.34069]
Hricišáková, Daniela; Švec, Marko, Two points boundary value problem of Liénard differential equation, 91-95 [Zbl 0933.34016]
Ivanov, Anatoli F.; Sharkovsky, Alexander N., Continuous dependence on singular parameters in a neutral differential equation, 97-103 [Zbl 0936.34065]
Kaukič, Michal, Polynomial interpolation with integral-type conditions, 105-110 [Zbl 0931.65006]
Knežo, Dušan, Existence of monotonic solutions to nonlinear third-order differential equation, 111-115 [Zbl 0944.34029]
Kodnár, Rudolf, The analysis of some mechanical models, 117-123 [Zbl 0941.74047]
Kováčová, Monika; Martišovitš, Ilja, Oscillatory behavior of solutions to \(n\)th-order differential equations, 125-132 [Zbl 0946.34030]
Elbert, Á.; Kusano, T.; Naito, M., Counting the number of zeros of nonoscillatory solutions of second-order half-linear differential equations, 133-140 [Zbl 0934.34018]
Lovíšek, Ján, Optimal control of semi-coercive variational inequalities, 141-152 [Zbl 0940.74039]
Macura, Dušan; Macurová, Anna, On boundedness and oscillatoricity of solutions of nonlinear differential systems, 153-160 [Zbl 0935.34024]
Marčoková, Mariana, Approximation of functions in two variables by Cesàro means of Fourier-Jacobi sums, 161-165 [Zbl 0935.42016]
Marušiak, Pavol; Růžičková, Miroslava, Asymptotic theory for a class of second order quasilinear neutral differential equations, 167-174 [Zbl 0933.34087]
Marušiak, Pavol; Špániková, Eva, On existence of nonoscillatory solutions of second order quasilinear neutral differential equations, 175-182 [Zbl 0936.34067]
Mařík, Robert, On \(p\)-degree functionals with one free end point, 183-188 [Zbl 0932.34069]
Mihalíková, Božena; Džurina, Jozef, On the oscillation of bounded solutions to systems of neutral differential equations, 189-194 [Zbl 0936.34052]
Mohamad, Hussain; Olach, Rudolf, Oscillation of second order linear neutral differential equations, 195-201 [Zbl 0936.34066]
Moravčík, Jozef, Autonomous delay difference systems and Weyr’s theory of matrices, 203-208 [Zbl 0930.39002]
Ohriska, Jan, Second-order selfadjoint differential equation and oscillation, 209-216 [Zbl 0934.34025]
Olach, Rudolf, Oscillation of first order functional differential equations, 217-221 [Zbl 0936.34051]
Pavlíková, Elena, A remark on a higher monotonicity property, 223-228 [Zbl 0979.34031]
Rudolf, Boris, On the three-point nonlinear boundary value problem, 229-234 [Zbl 0934.34005]
Seman, Ján, On classification of the nonoscillatory solutions of the third order nonlinear differential equation, 235-240 [Zbl 0936.34025]
Sobalová, Monika, On existence of oscillatory solutions of the 4-th order differential equation, 241-248 [Zbl 0936.34026]
Špániková, Eva, On oscillation of neutral differential systems, 249-255 [Zbl 0936.34068]
Švec, Marko, Some boundary value problems for a differential inclusion, 257-264 [Zbl 0936.34016]
Zimka, Rudolf, Bifurcation of invariant tori of critical differential-equation systems depending on more-dimensional parameter, 265-272 [Zbl 0998.34032]


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