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Transform methods and special functions. Proceedings of the 1st international workshop, Bankya, Bulgaria, August 12–17, 1994. (English) Zbl 0914.00064
Sofia: SCT Publishing, 380 p. (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Al-Zamel, A., The Epstein-Hubbell elliptic-type integral and its applications, 1-7 [Zbl 0913.33011]
Antosik, P.; Kierat, W.; Skornik, K., Some algebraic properties of derivatives, 8-17 [Zbl 0916.34007]
Dimovski, I. H.; Petrova, R. I., Finite integral transforms of the third kind for nonlocal boundary value problems, 18-32 [Zbl 0930.34015]
Dryanov, D.; Vatchev, V., On trigonometric polynomials of minimal \(L_{\alpha,\beta}\)-deviation, 33-36 [Zbl 0916.42003]
Elabd, E. M., Commutants and multipliers related to the first order Volterra integro-differential operator, 37-47 [Zbl 0914.45006]
Fukui, S., The real part of certain analytic functions, 48-53 [Zbl 1157.30319]
Glaeske, H.-J., Some remarks on the Zernicke transform, 54-60 [Zbl 0916.44004]
Gorenflo, R.; Rutman, R., On ultraslow and intermediate processes, 61-81 [Zbl 0923.34005]
Kalia, R. N., Integral transforms, fractional calculus and special functions, 82-92 [Zbl 0916.44001]
Kalla, S. L., Applications and approximations of special functions, 93-98 [Zbl 1157.33300]
Kilbas, A. A.; Saigo, M., On asymptotics of Fox’s \(H\)-function at zero and infinity, 99-122 [Zbl 0918.33009]
Kiryakova, V. S., Generalized fractional calculus, special functions and integral transforms, 123-149 [Zbl 0917.26005]
Krasińska, S., On the zeros of some quasipolynomial, 150-154 [Zbl 0925.44001]
Lecko, A.; Yaguchi, T., On subclasses of typically-real functions connected with some differential operator, 155-161 [Zbl 0913.30009]
Love, E. R., Mehler’s integral and fractional integration, 162-170 [Zbl 0914.44001]
Mainardi, F.; Tomirotti, M., On a special function arising in the time fractional diffusion-wave equation, 171-183 [Zbl 0921.33010]
Mincheva, S. T., Automorphisms in the commutant of the generalized integration operator in the space of locally holomorphic functions, 184-189 [Zbl 0914.44003]
Nikolić-Despotović, Danica, Some asymptotic expansions at infinity of tempered distributions, 190-198 [Zbl 0928.46026]
Nishimoto, K., On Nishimoto’s fractional calculus (operator \(N^\nu\), inverse of Nishimoto’s transformation and some applications), 199-212 [Zbl 0917.26008]
Owa, S., Fractional calculus of analytic functions, 213-219 [Zbl 0921.30010]
Paneva-Konovska, J., On the singularities of Bessel expansions, 220-226 [Zbl 0913.30002]
Podlubny, I., Solution of linear fractional differential equations with constant coefficients, 227-237 [Zbl 0918.34010]
Przeworska-Rolewicz, D., Some applications of logarithmic and antilogarithmic mappings to nonlinear equations in Leibniz \(D\)-algebras, 238-252 [Zbl 0915.47047]
Rolewicz, S., Convexity versus linearity, 253-263 [Zbl 0928.49018]
Rooney, P. G., On the Hankel transformation, 264-271 [Zbl 0917.44001]
Rusev, Peter, An improvement of the T. M. Cherry’s asymptotic formula for the Weber-Hermite function, 272-281 [Zbl 1126.41304]
Saigo, M.; Kilbas, A. A., Generalized fractional integrals and derivatives in Hölder spaces, 282-293 [Zbl 0917.26006]
Saitoh, H., A linear operator and its applications of first order differential subordinations, 294-302 [Zbl 0912.30010]
Sekine, T., Distortion theorems for fractional differential operators on certain generalized class, 303-309 [Zbl 0913.30008]
Tu, Shih-Tong; Chyan, Ding-Kuo, A certain family of infinite series, differintegrable functions and Psi functions, 310-316 [Zbl 0946.33500]
Skórnik, K., On some functional relations with orthogonal polynomials, 317-327 [Zbl 0918.33007]
Sokół, J., On some natural generalization of starlikeness with respect to symmetric points, 328-334 [Zbl 0913.30006]
Stankiewicz, J.; Stankiewicz, Z.; Wilczek, K., Convexity of some functions defined by an integral operator, 335-343 [Zbl 0912.30004]
Stanković, B., Abelian and Tauberian theorems for integral transforms of generalized functions, 344-355 [Zbl 0913.46040]
Takači, D.; Takači, A., The character of the solution of the second order operator difference equation, 356-363 [Zbl 0917.44006]
Tuan, Vu Kim; Gorenflo, Rudolf, Hardy type inequalities for fractional integral operators, 364-369 [Zbl 0917.26009]

00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
33-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to special functions
44-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to integral transforms
26A33 Fractional derivatives and integrals