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Proceedings of the XIth international congress on mathematical physics, Paris, France, July 18–23, 1994. (English) Zbl 0914.00104
Cambridge, MA: International Press. xxi, 808 p. (1995).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 10th congress (1991) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0914.00103).
Indexed articles:
Affleck, Ian, Conformal field theory approach to quantum impurity problems, 3-4 [Zbl 1052.81688]
Atiyah, Michael, Quantum physics and the topology of knots, 5-14 [Zbl 1052.57500]
Connes, Alain, Quantized calculus and applications, 15-36 [Zbl 1052.46510]
Damour, Thibault, General relativity and experiment, 37-46 [Zbl 1052.83500]
Kontsevich, Maxim, Rigorous results in topological \(\sigma\)-model, 47-59 [Zbl 1052.14512]
Kupiainen, Antti, Renormalization of parabolic partial differential equations, 60-74 [Zbl 1052.35508]
Laskar, Jacques, Large scale chaos and marginal stability in the solar system, 75-120 [Zbl 1052.70547]
Magnen, Jacques, Constructive methods and results, 121-141 [Zbl 1052.81557]
Viana, Marcelo, Chaotic dynamical behaviour, 142-154 [Zbl 1052.37518]
Witten, Edward, Electric-magnetic duality in four-dimensional gauge theories, 155-162 [Zbl 1052.81564]
Lian, Bong H.; Yau, Shing-Tung, Mirror symmetry, rational curves on algebraic manifolds and hypergeometric series, 163-184 [Zbl 1052.14513]
Yngvason, Jakob, Asymptotics of natural and artificial atoms in strong magnetic fields, 185-205 [Zbl 1052.81677]
Zamolodchikov, Alexander, Integrable quantum field theory with boundary, 206-208 [Zbl 1052.81639]
Felder, Giovanni, Elliptic quantum groups, 211-218 [Zbl 0998.17015]
Halpern, M. B., Irrational conformal field theory on the sphere and the torus, 219-230 [Zbl 1052.81608]
Reshetikhin, Nicolai, Integrable systems with discrete time, 231-248 [Zbl 1052.37517]
Baladi, V., Dynamical zeta functions and generalized Fredholm determinants, 249-260 [Zbl 1052.37505]
Bullett, Shaun; Penrose, Christopher, Dynamics of holomorphic correspondences, 261-272 [Zbl 1052.37509]
Kuksin, Sergei B., On long-time behavior solutions of nonlinear wave equations, 273-277 [Zbl 1052.35502]
MacKay, R. S., Self-localized vibrations in Hamiltonian networks of oscillators, 278-279 [Zbl 1052.37513]
Neishtadt, A. I., On calculation of stability loss delay time for dynamical bifurcations, 280-287 [Zbl 1052.34504]
Oseledets, V., Fast dynamo problem, 288-296 [Zbl 1052.37523]
Rugh, Hans Henrik, Fredholm determinants for real-analytic hyperbolic diffeomorphisms of surfaces, 297-303 [Zbl 1052.37506]
Berry, Michael, Resurgence of periodic orbits in the high orders of the Weyl expansion for quantum billiards, 304-305 [Zbl 1052.81522]
Bogomolny, E.; Leyvraz, F.; Schmit, C., Statistical properties of eigenvalues for the modular group, 306-323 [Zbl 1052.11506]
Doplicher, S., Quantum physics, classical gravity and noncommutative spacetime, 324-329 [Zbl 1052.83514]
Bros, Jacques; Epstein, Henri, Charged physical states and analyticity of scattering amplitudes in the Buchholz-Fredenhagen framework, 330-341 [Zbl 1052.81637]
Longo, Roberto, Inclusions of von Neumann algebras and superselection structures, 342-351 [Zbl 1052.81554]
Verch, Rainer, Hadamard vacua in curved spacetime and the principle of local definiteness, 352-358 [Zbl 1052.81555]
Wiesbrock, Hans-Werner, Half-sided modular inclusions of algebras in quantum field theory, 359-365 [Zbl 1052.81556]
Last, Y., Almost everything about the almost Mathieu operator. I, 366-372 [Zbl 1052.82541]
Jitomirskaya, Svetlana Ya., Almost everything about the almost Mathieu operator. II, 373-382 [Zbl 1052.82539]
Klein, Abel, The Anderson metal-insulator transition on the Bethe lattice, 383-391 [Zbl 1052.82540]
Lieb, Elliott H., The Hubbard model: Some rigorous results and open problems, 392-412 [Zbl 1052.82508]
Mézard, Marc, Glassy systems: statics and dynamics, 413-422 [Zbl 1052.82555]
Lieb, Elliott H.; Nachtergaele, Bruno, Dimerization in ring-shaped molecules: the stability of the Peierls instability, 423-431 [Zbl 1052.81684]
Rivasseau, Vincent, Construction of the continuum limit of non-abelian gauge theory in a finite volume, 432-439 [Zbl 1052.81576]
Feldman, Joel; Knörrer, Horst; Lehmann, Detlef; Trubowitz, Eugene, Are there two-dimensional Fermi liquids, 440-444 [Zbl 1052.81691]
Goldin, Gerald A.; Moschella, Ugo, Diffeomorphism group representations and quantum phase transitions in one dimension, 445-453 [Zbl 1052.81531]
Constantin, Peter, Some mathematical problems of incompressible fluid turbulence, 454-464 [Zbl 1052.76518]
Moffatt, H. K., Topological dynamics of fluids, 465-473 [Zbl 1052.76587]
Pomeau, Yves, Remarks on the superfluidity of fermions, 474-478 [Zbl 1052.82558]
Bach, Volker, Correlation estimate for fermions, 479-489 [Zbl 1052.82503]
Dereziński, Jan, Asymptotic completeness of long-range \(N\)-body scattering, 490-495 [Zbl 1052.81636]
Jona-Lasinio, Giovanni, Nonlinear problems from mesoscopic physics, 496-506 [Zbl 1052.81692]
Simon, Barry, Singular spectrum: recent results and open questions, 507-512 [Zbl 1052.81517]
Faddeev, Ludwig, Integrable models on space-time lattice, 513-520 [Zbl 1052.37520]
Miwa, Tetsuji, Algebraic analysis of solvable lattice models, 521-526 [Zbl 1052.82530]
Smirnov, Feodor A., Particles and fields in integrable field theory, 527-532 [Zbl 1052.81559]
Takei, Yoshitsugu, On a WKB-theoretic approach to the Painlevé transcendents, 533-542 [Zbl 1052.34507]
Bourgain, Jean, Time evolution in Gibbs measures for the nonlinear Schrödinger equations, 543-547 [Zbl 1052.35514]
De Masi, Anna, Ising spin systems with Kac potentials, 548-557 [Zbl 1052.82515]
Esposito, Raffaele, Diffusive limit for particle systems and the Navier-Stokes equation, 558-569 [Zbl 1052.82548]
Eyink, Gregory L., Energy dissipation, Euler equations, and the multifractal model of turbulence, 570-582 [Zbl 1052.76523]
Robert, Raoul, Relaxation towards a statistical equilibrium state in two-dimensional perfect fluid dynamics, 583-592 [Zbl 1052.76508]
Bartnik, Robert, Aspects of the Einstein constraint equations, 593-598 [Zbl 1052.83501]
Choptuik, Matthew W., Critical phenomena in gravitational collapse, 599-605 [Zbl 1052.83516]
Frenkel, Edward, Affine algebras, Langlands duality and Bethe ansatz, 606-642 [Zbl 1052.17504]
Gross, David, A string representation of two-dimensional QCD, 643-661 [Zbl 1052.81589]
Nahm, Werner, Conformal field theory and the dilogarithm, 662-667 [Zbl 1052.81611]
Verlinde, Erik, Black hole evaporation and complementarity, 668-673 [Zbl 1052.83522]
Zuber, Jean-Bernard, Conformal, integrable and topological theories, graphs and Coxeter groups, 674-689 [Zbl 1052.81617]
Lebowitz, J.; Atiyah, M.; Brézin, E.; Connes, A.; Fröhlich, J., Round table: Physics and mathematics, 691-705 [Zbl 1052.00520]
Altschuler, Daniel; Freidel, Laurent, On universal Vassiliev invariants, 709-710 [Zbl 1052.57502]
Bakas, Ioannis, String dualities and the Geroch group, 711-713 [Zbl 1052.81579]
Bouwknegt, Peter, The BV-algebra structure of \({\mathcal W}_ 3\) cohomology, 714-715 [Zbl 1052.17503]
Cherednik, Ivan, Quantum many-body problem and Hecke algebras, 716-718 [Zbl 1052.81539]
Das, Sumit R., Semiclassical and quantum boundary dynamics in dilaton gravity, 719-721 [Zbl 1052.81604]
Gava, E., Topological amplitudes and recursion relations in four-dimensional strings, 723-724 [Zbl 1052.81588]
Gervais, Jean-Loup, From weak to strong coupling in two-dimensional gravity, 725-727 [Zbl 1052.81606]
Jevicki, A., From loop space to field theory of non-critical strings, 728-729 [Zbl 1052.81592]
Boorstein, Joshua; Kutasov, David, Properties of Wilson loops in finite temperature QCD, 731-733 [Zbl 1052.81642]
LeClair, André, Spectrum generating affine Lie algebras in massive field theory, 734-735 [Zbl 1052.81532]
Mukhi, Sunil, \(W_ \infty\) identities from topological 2D string theory, 736-739 [Zbl 1052.81619]
Pearce, Paul A.; Zhou, Yu-kui, Unitary minimal conformal weights of dilute \(A_ L\) lattice models, 740-742 [Zbl 1052.82531]
Razumov, Alexander V.; Saveliev, Mikhail V., Differential geometry of Toda systems, 743-745 [Zbl 1052.37516]
Schwarz, John H., Evidence for non-perturbative string symmetries, 746-754 [Zbl 1052.81598]
Wadia, Spenta R., \(W_ \infty\) algebra and geometric formulation of \(\text{QCD}_ 2\), 758-760 [Zbl 1052.81616]

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