New directions in nonlinear observer design. International workshop, Geiranger Fjord, Norway, June 24–26, 1999. (English) Zbl 0915.00063

Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences. 244. London: Springer. xix, 525 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Besançon, Gildas, A viewpoint on observability and observer design for nonlinear systems, 3-22 [Zbl 0935.93018]
Canudas de Wit, Carlos; Horowitz, Roberto; Tsiotras, P., Model-based observers for tire/road contact friction prediction, 23-42 [Zbl 0929.93030]
Kristiansen, Dag; Egeland, Olav, Observer design for nonlinear oscillatory systems, 43-58 [Zbl 0933.93020]
Glumineau, A.; López-M., V., Transformation to state affine system and observer design, 59-71 [Zbl 0978.93016]
Huijberts, H. J. C., On existence of extended observers for nonlinear discrete-time systems, 73-92 [Zbl 0928.93009]
Lohmiller, Winfried; Slotine, Jean-Jacques E., Stability analysis and observer design for nonlinear diffusion processes, 93-111 [Zbl 0929.93008]
Strand, Jann Peter; Fossen, Thor I., Nonlinear passive observer design for ships with adaptive wave filtering, 113-134 [Zbl 0925.93749]
Vik, Bjørnar; Shiriaev, Anton; Fossen, Thor I., Nonlinear observer design for integration of DGPS and INS, 135-159 [Zbl 0925.93748]
Schaffner, J.; Zeitz, M., Variants of nonlinear normal form observer design, 161-180 [Zbl 0949.93010]
Battilotti, Stefano, Separation results for semiglobal stabilization of nonlinear systems via measurement feedback, 181-206 [Zbl 0942.93037]
Jiang, Zhong-Ping; Nijmeijer, Henk, Observer-controller design for global tracking of nonholonomic systems, 207-228 [Zbl 0933.93039]
Loría, Antonio; Panteley, Elena, A separation principle for a class of Euler-Lagrange systems, 229-247 [Zbl 0940.93050]
Khalil, Hassan K., High-gain observers in nonlinear feedback control, 249-268 [Zbl 0942.93038]
Krstić, Miroslav; Deng, Hua, Output-feedback control of stochastic nonlinear systems. Stabilization, disturbance attenuation, and adaptation, 269-289 [Zbl 0931.93074]
Ortega, Romeo; Astolfi, Alessandro; Bastin, Georges; Rodrigues-Cortes, Hugo, Output feedback control of food-chain systems, 291-310 [Zbl 0942.93036]
Pettersen, K. Y.; Nijmeijer, H., Output feedback tracking control for ships, 311-334 [Zbl 0940.93052]
Isidori, A.; Teel, A. R.; Praly, L., Dynamic UCO controllers and semiglobal stabilization of uncertain nonminimum phase systems by output feedback, 335-350 [Zbl 0928.93048]
Ashton, S. A.; Shields, D. N., Fault detection observer for a class of nonlinear systems, 353-373 [Zbl 0929.93004]
Blanke, Mogens; Izadi-Zamanabadi, Roozbeh, Nonlinear observer for signal and parameter fault detection in ship propulsion control, 375-397 [Zbl 0929.93005]
Frank, P. M.; Schreier, G.; Alcorta García, E., Nonlinear observers for fault detection and isolation, 399-422 [Zbl 0929.93006]
Hammouri, H.; Kinnaert, M.; El Yaagoubi, E. H., Application of nonlinear observers to fault detection and isolation, 423-443 [Zbl 0929.93007]
Kinnaert, M.; El Bahir, L., Innovation generation for bilinear systems with unknown inputs, 445-465 [Zbl 0928.93011]
Cruz, César; Nijmeijer, Henk, Synchronization through extended Kalman filtering, 469-490 [Zbl 0927.93053]
Lilge, T., Nonlinear discrete-time observers for synchronization problems, 491-510 [Zbl 0929.93009]
Parlitz, Ulrich; Junge, Lutz; Kocarev, Ljupco, Chaos synchronization, 511-525 [Zbl 0925.93354]


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