The logical structure of the world. (Der logische Aufbau der Welt.) (German) Zbl 0916.01025

Philosophische Bibliothek. 514. Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag. xxvi, 290 S. (1998).
This is a reprint of the first edition of Carnap’s classical work, published in 1928 [Berlin, Weltkreis-Verlag JFM 54.0060.03; transl. The logical structure of the world, Berkeley CA, University of California Press (1967)]. The reprint also contains the preface of the second edition [Berlin, Springer (1961)]. New running heads are added.
Carnap aims at constituting a uniform structure of the whole system of science (“constitution system”). He furthermore provides a rational reconstruction of concept formation. On the most basic level the construction starts with the undefined concept of one’s own elementary psychical experiences (“eigenpsychische Erlebnisse”). The constitution system is formed by distinguishing object classes using the basic relation of partial similarity. The language of symbolic logic (“Logistik”) is used as a presentation tool.
Carnap couldn’t reach his goal to constitute the complete system of real sciences. But standing at the beginning of the movement of logical empiricism and showing the limitations of his program, the book became an important step towards the modern philosophy of science.


01A75 Collected or selected works; reprintings or translations of classics
03-03 History of mathematical logic and foundations
03A05 Philosophical and critical aspects of logic and foundations
03A10 Logic in the philosophy of science


JFM 54.0060.03