Surveys in differential geometry. Vol. IV: Integral systems [Integrable systems]. Lectures on geometry and topology. (English) Zbl 0918.00013

Surveys in Differential Geometry. Supplement to the Journal of Differential Geometry. 4. Cambridge, MA: International Press. 519 p. (1998).

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The papers by Segal and Wilson and by Beals and Coifman are reprints of earlier journal articles.
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
For Vol. III see Zbl 0918.00028.
Indexed articles:
Terng, Chuu-Lian; Uhlenbeck, Karen, Introduction (to Surveys in Differential Geometry. Vol. IV: Integrable systems), 5-19 [Zbl 0938.35182]
Hitchin, Nigel, Integrable systems in Riemannian geometry, 21-81 [Zbl 0939.37039]
Donagi, Ron Y., Seiberg-Witten integrable systems, 83-129 [Zbl 0936.37044]
Frenkel, Edward, Five lectures on soliton equations, 131-180 [Zbl 0931.35147]
Dubrovin, Boris, Differential geometry of the space of orbits of a Coxeter group, 181-211 [Zbl 0962.53049]
Dubrovin, Boris, Differential geometry of moduli spaces and its applications to soliton equations and to topological conformal field theory, 213-238 [Zbl 0947.35117]
Krichever, I. M.; Phong, D. H., Symplectic forms in the theory of solitons, 239-313 [Zbl 0931.35148]
Terng, Chuu-Lian; Uhlenbeck, Karen, Poisson actions and scattering theory for integrable systems, 315-402 [Zbl 0935.35163]
Segal, Graeme; Wilson, George, Loop groups and equations of KdV type, 403-466 [Zbl 0939.35163]
Beals, R.; Coifman, R. R., Scattering and inverse scattering for first-order systems, 467-519 [Zbl 0944.34066]


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