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Proceedings of the 3rd CMFT conference on computational methods and function theory 1997, Nicosia, Cyprus, October 13–17, 1997. (English) Zbl 0921.00019
Series in Approximations and Decompositions. 11. Singapore: World Scientific. xi, 652 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Ambroladze, Amiran; Wallin, Hans, Some open problems in the theory of rational interpolants in the complex plane, 1-7 [Zbl 0938.41006]
Anderson, Glen Douglas; Qiu, Songliang; Vuorinen, Matti K., Bounds for the Hersch-Pfluger and Belinskii distortion functions, 9-22 [Zbl 0938.30013]
Andrievskiǐ, Vladimir, Locally convex curves and distribution of zeros of polynomials, 23-44 [Zbl 0936.30003]
Baratchart, Laurent, Rational and meromorphic approximation in \(\text{L}^p\) of the circle: System-theoretic motivations, critical points and error rates, 45-78 [Zbl 0935.41011]
Belyǐ, Vladimir I.; Kravchuk, Elena V., Generalized Faber sets and applications, 79-85 [Zbl 0937.30003]
Betsakos, Dimitrios, An extension of the Beurling-Nevanlinna projection theorem, 87-90 [Zbl 0937.30014]
Brown, Gavin; Koumandos, Stamatis, On a theorem of S. Ruscheweyh, 91-97 [Zbl 0936.30002]
Bshouty, Daoud; Hengartner, Walter; Nicole, Marc-Hubert, A constructive method for univalent harmonic exterior maps with Blaschke dilatation, 99-115 [Zbl 0938.30012]
Caraman, Petru, New results about the equality between the \(p\)-module and the \(p\)-capacity, 117-133 [Zbl 0947.30014]
Cuyt, Annie; Verdonk, Brigitte, Extending the qd-algorithm to tackle multivariate problems, 135-159 [Zbl 0932.65002]
Danielyan, Arthur A., M. A. Lavrentyev’s problems on pointwise polynomial approximation and related questions, 161-170 [Zbl 0933.30026]
Dorff, Michael John, Harmonic univalent mappings onto asymmetric vertical strips, 171-175 [Zbl 0934.30011]
Duren, Peter, Robin capacity, 177-190 [Zbl 0939.30016]
Fischer, Hans-Jürgen, On generating orthogonal polynomials with respect to self-similar measures, 191-201 [Zbl 0933.42016]
Fournier, Jean-Daniel, Complex zeros of random Szegő polynomials, 203-223 [Zbl 0942.60042]
Gaier, Dieter, On the relation between \(E_n(f)\) and \(E_n(f')\), 225-231 [Zbl 0939.30026]
Gehring, Frederick W.; Hag, Kari, A bound for hyperbolic distance in a quasidisk, 233-240 [Zbl 0940.30009]
Godula, Janusz; Starkov, Victor V., On regularity theorems for linearly invariant families of analytic functions in the unit polydisk, 241-257 [Zbl 0943.32003]
Greiner, Richard, Generalized Jackson kernels in approximation theory, 259-266 [Zbl 0933.41011]
Grothmann, Rene, On the problem of Poreda, 267-273 [Zbl 0946.41018]
Ito, Masaaki; Shiba, Masakazu, Area theorems for conformal mapping and Rankine ovoids, 275-283 [Zbl 0940.30002]
Jank, Gerhard; Kun, Gábor, Solutions of generalized Riccati differential equations and their approximation, 285-302 [Zbl 0936.34006]
Karatsuba, Ekatharine A., Fast evaluation of hypergeometric functions by FEE, 303-314 [Zbl 1017.65014]
Katsoprinakis, Emmanuel S., On the complex Rolle set of a polynomial, 315-326 [Zbl 0937.30005]
Kokkinos, Christodoulos A., A unified orthonormalization method for the approximate conformal mapping of simply and multiply-connected domains, 327-344 [Zbl 0938.30004]
Koumandos, Stamatis, Positive trigonometric sums in the theory of univalent functions, 345-357 [Zbl 0936.30001]
Kravanja, Peter; Van Barel, Marc; Haegemans, Ann, On computing zeros and poles of meromorphic functions, 359-369 [Zbl 0945.30002]
Levin, Eli, Fast decreasing rational functions and their applications, 371-386 [Zbl 0947.41007]
Majchrzak, Wiesław, Harmonic univalent mappings of the unit disc onto a vertical strip, 387-396 [Zbl 0935.30013]
Minda, David, Euclidean circles of curvature for geodesics of conformal metrics., 397-403 [Zbl 1053.30040]
Murid, A. H. M.; Nashed, M. Z.; Razali, M. R. M., Some integral equations related to the Riemann map, 405-419 [Zbl 0935.30006]
Nestoridis, Vassili, An extension of the notion of universal Taylor series, 421-430 [Zbl 0942.30003]
Obradović, Milutin, Starlikeness of certain integral transforms, 431-436 [Zbl 0941.30006]
Pritsker, Igor E.; Varga, Richard S., Rational approximation with varying weights in the complex plane, 437-448 [Zbl 0943.30026]
Prokhorov, Dmitri V., Radii of neighborhoods for coefficient estimates of functions close to the identity, 449-459 [Zbl 0932.30013]
Roth, Oliver, A remark on the Loewner differential equation, 461-469 [Zbl 0934.30014]
Rudälv, Catarina, Repeated bivariate rational approximants with prescribed poles, 471-484 [Zbl 0944.41007]
Schmeisser, Gerhard, Real zeros of Bernstein polynomials, 485-495 [Zbl 0953.30018]
Schmieder, Gerald, Location of critical points for polynomials., 497-504 [Zbl 1157.30301]
Stenger, Frank; Schmidtlein, Ross, Conformal maps via Sinc methods, 505-549 [Zbl 0948.30014]
Stephenson, Kenneth, The approximation of conformal structures via circle packing, 551-582 [Zbl 0932.30001]
Wegert, Elias, Nonlinear Riemann-Hilbert problems. – History and perspectives, 583-615 [Zbl 0937.30023]
Wegmann, Rudolf, Two plane free boundary problems with surface tension, 617-633 [Zbl 0945.30033]

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