The stationary G/G/\(s\) queue with non-identical servers. (English) Zbl 0922.60085

The factorization method developed earlier for the \(\text{G/G/} s\) queue [refer P. Le Gall, ibid. 11, No. 1, 59-71 (1998; Zbl 0910.60071)] is extended to the case of non-identical servers. The characterization of the system by three simple properties leads to a numerical calculation method. The simplicity of this method in the case of \(\text{GI/G/}s\) queue is illustrated by providing numerical comparison of the results with those obtained by Markovian (phase) method for symmetrical \(\text{M/E}_2\)/


60K25 Queueing theory (aspects of probability theory)
90B22 Queues and service in operations research


Zbl 0910.60071
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