Scheduling theory. Multi-stage systems. Transl. from the Russ. and updated by the authors. (English) Zbl 0925.90224

Mathematics and its Applications (Dordrecht). 285. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. vii, 404 p. (1994).
Publisher’s description: This is one of two volumes devoted to single and multistage systems in scheduling theory respectively. The main emphasis throughout is on the analysis of the computational complexity of scheduling problems. This volume is concerned with the problems of finding optimal schedules for systems comprising several sequential machines. More specifically, attention is largely given in separate chapters to three classical processing systems: the flow shop, the job shop, and the open shop. A final chapter deals with mixed graph problems. Each of the four chapters concludes with a comprehensive bibliography and review. The volume also has an introduction and finishes with an extensive reference section. It is aimed at researchers and graduate students of management science and operations research interested in production planning and flexible manufacturing.


90B35 Deterministic scheduling theory in operations research


Zbl 0673.90023