Automatic identification of digital modulation types. (English) Zbl 0925.94065

Summary: In both covert and overt operations, modulation identification plays an important role. In communication intelligence (COMINT) applications the main objective is the perfect monitoring of the intercepted signals and one of the parameters that affect the perfect monitoring is the modulation type of the intercepted signal. A set of decision criteria for identifying different types of digital modulation is developed. Also, all the key features used in the identification algorithm are calculated using the conventional signal processing methods. Computer simulations for different types of band-limited digitally modulated signals corrupted by band-limited Gaussian noise have been carried out. Expressions for the instantaneous amplitude, and phase of different types of digitally modulated signals are derived. Also, two software solutions for estimating the instantaneous phase in the weak segments of a signal are introduced and analyzed. Finally, it is found that all modulation types of interest have been classified with success rate \(\geq 90\%\) at SNR=10 dB.


94A14 Modulation and demodulation in information and communication theory
93B30 System identification
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