Controlling chaos and bifurcations in engineering systems. (English) Zbl 0929.00012

Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. xvii, 648 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Mees, Alistair I., Reconstructing input-output dynamics from time series, 1-21 [Zbl 0938.93548]
Aguirre, Luis Antonio, Black and grey-box modeling of nonlinear systems: Identification and analysis from time series, 23-43 [Zbl 0939.93501]
Ogorzałek, Maciej J., Design and implementation of chaos control systems, 45-69 [Zbl 0938.93541]
Kapitaniak, T.; Brindley, J.; Czołczyński, K., Chaos in mechanical systems and its control, 71-88 [Zbl 0941.93519]
Vincent, Thomas L., Utilizing chaos in control system design, 89-106 [Zbl 0938.93550]
Fang, Jin-Qing; Ali, M. Keramat, Control and synchronization of spatiotemporal chaos, 107-130 [Zbl 0941.93520]
Chen, Goong; Hsu, Sze-Bi; Zhou, Jianxin, Chaotic vibration of the wave equation by nonlinear feedback boundary control, 131-154 [Zbl 0939.93013]
Zhong, G. Q.; Liu, Z. F.; Tang, K. S.; Man, K. F.; Kwong, S., Sensitivity to initial conditions of chaos in electronics, 155-177 [Zbl 0938.93549]
Basso, Michele; Genesio, Roberto; Giovanardi, Lorenzo; Tesi, Alberto, Frequency domain methods for chaos control, 179-203 [Zbl 0941.93521]
Calandrini, Guillermo; Paolini, Eduardo; Moiola, Jorge L.; Chen, Guanrong, Controlling limit cycles and bifurcations, 205-232 [Zbl 0938.93028]
Yu, Xinghuo; Tian, Yuping; Chen, Guanrong, Time delayed feedback control of chaos, 255-274 [Zbl 0940.93035]
Suykens, J. A. K.; Yang, T.; Vandewalle, J.; Chua, L. O., Impulsive control and synchronization of chaos, 275-297 [Zbl 0961.93023]
Wang, Hua O.; Chen, Dong S., Control and anticontrol of bifurcations with application to active control of Rayleigh-Bénard convection., 299-323 [Zbl 1068.93526]
Brandt, Michael E.; Chen, Guanrong, Delay feedback control of cardiac activity models, 325-345 [Zbl 0979.93078]
Gu, Guoxiang; Sparks, Andrew, Bifurcation stabilization with applications in jet engine control., 347-367 [Zbl 1068.93547]
Kang, Wei, Bifurcations of control systems in normal form, 369-389 [Zbl 0941.93024]
di Bernardo, Mario; Chen, Guanrong, Controlling bifurcations in nonsmooth dynamical systems, 391-415 [Zbl 0938.93539]
Fradkov, A. L.; Nijmeijer, H.; Pogromsky, A. Yu., Adaptive observer-based synchronization., 417-438 [Zbl 1068.93523]
Huijberts, H. J. C.; Nijmeijer, H.; Pogromsky, A. Yu., Discrete-time observers and synchronization, 439-455 [Zbl 0939.93021]
Dedieu, Hervé; Schimming, Thomas; Hasler, Martin, Separating a chaotic signal from noise and applications, 457-476 [Zbl 0940.93074]
Kennedy, Michael Peter; Kolumbán, Géza, Digital communications using chaos, 477-500 [Zbl 0938.93567]
Wu, Chai Wah, Synchronization in arrays of coupled chaotic circuits and systems: theory and applications., 501-528 [Zbl 1068.93527]
Shalfeev, V. D.; Matrosov, V. V.; Korzinova, M. V., Chaos in phase systems: Generation and synchronization, 529-558 [Zbl 0938.93537]
Alvarez, Joaquin; Verduzco, Fernando, Chaos and bifurcations in feedback control systems., 559-579 [Zbl 1068.93522]
Ueta, Tetsushi; Chen, Guanrong, Chaos and bifurcations in coupled networks and their control., 581-601 [Zbl 1068.93525]
Saito, Toshimichi; Torikai, Hiroyuki, Return map modulation in nonautonomous relaxation oscillator., 603-624 [Zbl 1068.93524]
Ushio, Toshimitsu; Imamori, Takehiro; Yamasaki, Tatsushi, Controlling chaos in discrete-time computational ecosystems, 625-644 [Zbl 0938.93540]


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