Advances in Steiner trees. (English) Zbl 0932.00010

Combinatorial Optimization. 6. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xii, 323 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Albrecht, Jens; Cieslik, Dietmar, The Steiner ratio of finite-dimensional \({\mathcal L}_p\)-spaces, 1-13 [Zbl 0952.05016]
Booth, R. S.; Thomas, D. A.; Weng, J. F., Shortest networks for one line and two points in space, 15-26 [Zbl 0945.90023]
Brazil, Marcus; Thomas, Doreen A.; Weng, Jia Feng, Rectilinear Steiner minimal trees on parallel lines, 27-37 [Zbl 0944.05020]
Jiang, Tao; Wang, Lusheng, Computing shortest networks with fixed topologies, 39-62 [Zbl 0947.68117]
Weng, J. F., Steiner trees, coordinate systems and NP-hardness, 63-80 [Zbl 0981.68120]
Warme, D. M.; Winter, P.; Zachariasen, M., Exact algorithms for plane Steiner tree problems: A computational study, 81-116 [Zbl 0968.90067]
Berman, Piotr; Zelikovsky, Alexander, On approximation of the power-\(p\) and bottleneck Steiner trees, 117-135 [Zbl 0945.90046]
Cheng, Siu-Wing, Exact Steiner trees in graphs and grid graphs, 137-162 [Zbl 0981.68121]
Colbourn, Charles J.; Xue, Guoliang, Grade of service Steiner trees in series-parallel networks, 163-174 [Zbl 0945.90047]
Duin, Cees, Preprocessing the Steiner problem in graphs, 175-233 [Zbl 0945.90029]
Provan, J. Scott, A fully polynomial approximation scheme for the Euclidean Steiner augmentation problem, 235-253 [Zbl 0947.68118]
Wade, A. S. C.; Rayward-Smith, V. J., Effective local search techniques for the Steiner tree problem, 255-281 [Zbl 0959.90055]
Voß, Stefan, Modern heuristic search methods for the Steiner tree problem in graphs, 283-323 [Zbl 0998.90068]


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