Fuzzy measures and integrals. Theory and applications. (English) Zbl 0935.00014

Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing. 40. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag. xiv, 476 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Murofushi, Toshiaki; Sugeno, Michio, Fuzzy measures and fuzzy integrals, 3-41 [Zbl 0967.28015]
Denneberg, Dieter, Non-additive measure and integral, basic concepts and their role for applications, 42-69 [Zbl 0968.28009]
Grabisch, Michel, The interaction and Möbius representations of fuzzy measures on finite spaces, \(k\)-additive measures: A survey, 70-93 [Zbl 0957.28011]
Fujimoto, Katsushige; Murofushi, Toshiaki, Hierarchical decomposition of the Choquet integral, 94-103 [Zbl 0960.28012]
Kramosil, Ivan, Towards generalized belief functions, 104-123 [Zbl 0964.68133]
de Cooman, Gert, Integration in possibility theory, 124-160 [Zbl 0957.28015]
Wang, Zhenyuan; Xu, Kebin, On the autocontinuity of set functions, 161-170 [Zbl 0957.28012]
Pap, Endre, Pseudo-convolution and its applications, 171-204 [Zbl 0968.28015]
Benvenuti, Pietro; Mesiar, Radko, Integrals with respect to a general fuzzy measure, 205-232 [Zbl 0957.28013]
Butnariu, Dan; Klement, Erich Peter, Measures on triangular norm-based tribes: Properties and integral representations, 233-246 [Zbl 0972.28010]
Marichal, Jean-Luc, On Choquet and Sugeno integrals as aggregation functions, 247-272 [Zbl 0968.28012]
Imaoka, Haruki, Comparison between three fuzzy integrals, 273-286 [Zbl 0957.28014]
Chateauneuf, Alain; Cohen, Michèle, Choquet expected utility model: a new approach to individual behavior under uncertainty and to social welfare., 289-313 [Zbl 1100.91515]
Dubois, Didier; Prade, Henri; Sabbadin, Régis, Qualitative decision theory with Sugeno integrals, 314-332 [Zbl 0984.91023]
Murofushi, Toshiaki; Sugeno, Michio, The Choquet integral in multiattribute decision making, 333-347 [Zbl 0984.91027]
Grabisch, Michel; Roubens, Marc, Application of the Choquet integral in multicriteria decision making, 348-374 [Zbl 0954.90020]
Kwon, Soon H.; Sugeno, M., A hierarchical subjective evaluation model using non-monotonic fuzzy measures and the Choquet integral, 375-391 [Zbl 0964.68121]
Peters, James F. III; Han, Liting; Ramanna, Sheela, The Choquet integral in a rough software cost decision system, 392-414 [Zbl 0964.68010]
Grabisch, Michel, Fuzzy integral for classification and feature extraction, 415-434 [Zbl 0963.62052]
Keller, James M.; Gader, Paul D.; Hocaoğlu, A. Köksal, Fuzzy integrals in image processing and recognition, 435-466 [Zbl 0964.68137]
Wang, Zhenyuan; Klir, George J.; Swan-Stone, John; Xu, Kebin, An algorithm for calulating natural extensions with respect to lower probabilities, 467-476 [Zbl 0965.60002]


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