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Constraint databases. (English) Zbl 0935.00022
Berlin: Springer. xvii, 428 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Van den Bussche, Jan, Constraint databases, queries and query languages, 21-54 [Zbl 0962.68046]
Benedikt, Michael; Lipkin, Leonid, Expressive power: The finit case, 55-87 [Zbl 0989.68043]
Grumbach, Stéphane; Kuper, Gabriel; Su, Jianwen, Expressive power: The infinite case, 89-107 [Zbl 0989.68044]
Benedikt, Michael; Libkin, Leonid, Query safety with constraints, 109-129 [Zbl 0989.68045]
Chomicki, Jan; Libkin, Leonid, Aggregate languages for constraint databases, 131-154 [Zbl 1005.68052]
Revesz, Peter Z., DATALOG and constraints, 155-174 [Zbl 0962.68047]
Kuper, Gabriel; Scholl, Michel, Geographic information systems, 175-198 [Zbl 0969.68541]
Gyssens, Marc; Vandeurzen, Luc; Van Gucht, Dirk, Linear-constraint databases, 199-229 [Zbl 1002.68045]
Kuijpers, Bart; Vianu, Victor, Topological queries, 231-273 [Zbl 1002.68046]
Kuijpers, Bart; Kuper, Gabriel; Paredaens, Jan, Euclidean query languages, 275-291 [Zbl 0964.68058]
Kuijpers, Bart; Van Gucht, Dirk, Genericity in spatial databases, 293-303 [Zbl 0962.68048]
Wolper, Pierre, Linear repeating points, 305-314 [Zbl 0989.68036]
Grumbach, Stéphane; Lacroix, Zoé; Rigaux, Philippe; Segoufin, Luc, Optimization techniques, 319-334 [Zbl 0962.68049]
Goldin, Dina, Constraint algebras, 335-342 [Zbl 0962.68050]
Ramaswamy, Sridhar, I/O-efficient algorithms for CDBs, 343-360 [Zbl 0962.68051]
Grumbach, Stéphane; Rigaux, Philippe; Scholl, Michel; Segoufin, Luc, The DEDALE prototype, 365-382 [Zbl 0969.68692]
Revesz, Peter, The DISCO system, 383-389 [Zbl 0969.68693]
Toman, David, SQL/TP: A temporal extension of SQL, 391-399 [Zbl 0962.68052]

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