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Proceedings of the third international conference on symmetry in nonlinear mathematical physics, Kyiv, Ukraine, July 12–18, 1999. Part 2. Transl. from the Ukrainian. (English) Zbl 0937.00046
Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Mathematics and its Applications. 30(2). Kyiv: Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine. 269-550 (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (2, 1997) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0882.00038 and Zbl 0882.00039).
Indexed articles:
Beckers, Jules, On nonlinear deformations of Lie algebras and their applications in quantum physics, 275-279 [Zbl 0967.17013]
Havlíček, M.; Pošta, S.; Klimyk, A. U., Representations of the \(q\)-deformed algebra \(\text{so}_q(2,1)\), 280-287 [Zbl 0960.17006]
Quesne, C.; Vansteenkiste, N., \(C_\lambda\)-extended oscillator algebras: Theory and applications to (variants of) supersymmetric quantum mechanics, 288-297 [Zbl 0989.81047]
Burban, I. M., Some problems of quantum group gauge field theory, 298-303 [Zbl 1072.81539]
Gavrilik, A. M., Use of quantum algebras in quantum gravity, 304-309 [Zbl 0989.81046]
Gavrilik, A. M.; Iorgov, N. Z., On Casimir elements of \(q\)-algebras \(U_q'(so_n)\) and their eigenvalues in representations, 310-314 [Zbl 0960.81039]
Klink, W. H., Discrete subgroups of the Poincaré group, 317-323 [Zbl 1072.81536]
Abramenko, Angela, Matrix realizations of four-dimensional Lie algebras and corresponding invariant spaces, 324-329 [Zbl 0967.17004]
Bondarenko, Vitalij M., Operators on \((A,*)\)-spaces and linear classification problems, 330-332 [Zbl 0962.06001]
Galkin, Alexander V., Poincaré parasuperalgebra with central charges and parasupersymmetric Wess- Zumino model, 333-340 [Zbl 0989.81037]
Kalutskii, S., On \(*\)-wild algebras, 341-342 [Zbl 0960.22004]
Nazarenko, A., Canonical realization of the Poincaré algebra for a relativistic system of charged particles plus electromagnetic field, 343-349 [Zbl 0977.78003]
Ohnuki, Y., Irreducible representations of the Dirac algebra for a system constrained on a manifold diffeomorphic to \(S^D\), 350-356 [Zbl 1072.81533]
Pavlenko, Helen; Piryatinska, Alexandra, On generalization of the Cuntz algebras, 357-363 [Zbl 0966.46040]
Popovich, Stanislav V.; Maistrenko, Tatyana Yu., \(C^*\)-algebras associated with quadratic dynamical system, 364-370 [Zbl 0966.46039]
Shkil, M. I., On asymptotic decomposition for solutions of systems of differential equations in the case of multiple roots of the characteristic equation, 373-381 [Zbl 0969.34051]
Shkil, M. I.; Samusenko, P. F., On asymptotic formulae for solutions to differential equations with summable coefficients, 382-386 [Zbl 0970.34051]
Filchakova, Valentina P., PP-test for integrability of some evolution differential equations, 387-391 [Zbl 0961.37024]
Kondakova, Svitlana, Asymptotic integration of a system of differential equations of third order, 392-400 [Zbl 0969.34050]
Korostil, A. M., On hyperelliptic solutions of spectral problem for the two-dimensional Schrödinger equation, 401-405 [Zbl 0961.37027]
Samoylenko, V. Hr.; Sidorenko, Yu. M.; Buonanno, L.; Matarazzo, G., Explicit solutions of nonlinear evolution equations via nonlocal reductions approach, 406-410 [Zbl 0961.37025]
Zhukovsky, Alexander N.; Karagodov, Victor P., Exact solutions of the inhomogeneous problems for polyparabolic operator, 411-416 [Zbl 0962.35039]
Binz, Ernst; Schempp, Walter, A unitary parallel filter bank approach to magnetic resonance tomography, 419-428 [Zbl 0960.92017]
Gielerak, R.; Lugiewicz, P., Models of covariant quantum theories of extended objects from generalized random fields, 429-439 [Zbl 0990.81059]
Goldin, Gerald A., Generalized gauge invariants for certain nonlinear Schrödinger equations, 440-446 [Zbl 0989.81020]
Guhr, Thomas, Supersymmetry and supergroups in stochastic quantum physics, 447-455 [Zbl 1072.81532]
Shima, Kazunari, Nonlinear symmetry and unity of spacetime and matter, 456-464 [Zbl 0990.81150]
Zajtz, Andrzej, On the global conjugacy of smooth flows, 465-472 [Zbl 0961.37005]
Duviryak, A., Classical mechanics of relativistic particle with colour, 473-480 [Zbl 1072.70511]
Frappat, L.; Sciarrino, A.; Sorba, P., Crystal basis model of the genetic code: structure and consequences, 481-488 [Zbl 0960.92022]
Golovnia, Ruslan M., On a class of equations for particles with arbitrary spin, 489-492 [Zbl 1072.70512]
Kucheryavy, Valentyn I., Symmetries, their breaking and anomalies in the self-consistent renormalization. Discrete symmetry shadow in chiral anomalies, 493-500 [Zbl 0990.81113]
Kuzmenko, T. Yu., Quantum mechanism of generation of the \(SU(N)\) gauge fields, 501-506 [Zbl 0990.81072]
Pavlyuk, Anatoli, Symmetric properties of first-order equations of motions for \(N=2\) super Yang-Mills theory, 507-509 [Zbl 0990.81073]
Roychoudhury, Rajkumar, Quasipotential approach to solitary wave solutions in nonlinear plasma, 510-515 [Zbl 1072.76693]
Shpytko, V., Weyl-type quantization rules and \(N\)-particle canonical realization of the Poincaré algebra in two-dimensional space-time, 516-523 [Zbl 0990.81128]
Skrypnyk, Taras, Quantum integrability of the generalized Euler’s top with symmetry, 524-529 [Zbl 0989.81041]
Svirina, I. P., Symmetry-breaking bifurcations in a single-mode class-A gas laser, 530-536 [Zbl 0990.81166]
Tretynyk, Violeta, On exact Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation of bosons in an electromagnetic field and reduction of Kemmer-Duffin-Petiau equation, 537-543 [Zbl 1072.78504]
Yaremko, Yurij, The tangent groups of a Lie group and gauge invariance in Lagrangian dynamical systems, 544-550 [Zbl 1073.70514]

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