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A historical perspective on the relationship between model theory and algebra: A tendentious viewpoint. (Perspective historique sur les rapports entre la théorie des modèles et l’algèbre. Un point de vue tendancieux.) (French) Zbl 0939.01010
The study of Daniel Lascar (is he a Romanian?) represents a personal approach of the well-known and long-debated relationship between model theory and algebra. Considered as belonging to mathematical logic, model theory has, nevertheless, significant differentiations from it, if thinking only of the theory of demonstration, study of non-classical logic, etc. The study begins from the very moments of this branch’s birth, i.e., from Peirce, the father of this discipline (1870); it started as an amplification of Boole’s calculus of logic. The name and contribution of Ernst Schröder are also mentioned, then a paragraph is devoted to Leopold Löwenheim and Thoralf Skolem, and to their contributions of 1915 and, respectively, 1920. There follow Alfred Tarski (1931) and Michael Morley (starting with 1955), the present time being dominated by the works of Saharon Shelah.
01A60 History of mathematics in the 20th century
12-03 History of field theory