34th seminar on probability. (Séminaire de Probabilités XXXIV.) (French) Zbl 0940.00007

Lecture Notes in Mathematics. 1729. Berlin: Springer. vi, 431 p. DM 113.00; öS 825.00; sFr 103.00; £39.00; $ 76.80 (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding seminar (33rd, 1999) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0924.00016).
Indexed articles:
Del Moral, P.; Miclo, L., Branching and interacting particle systems approximations of Feynman-Kac formulae with applications to nonlinear filtering, 1-145 [Zbl 0963.60040]
Eisenbaum, Nathalie, Exponential inequalities for Bessel processes, 146-150 [Zbl 0959.60071]
Khoshnevisan, D., On sums of i. i. d. random variables indexed by \(N\) parameters, 151-156 [Zbl 0958.60046]
Attal, Stéphane; Hudson, Robin L., Series of iterated quantum stochastic integrals., 157-170 [Zbl 1138.81461]
Kaspi, Haya; Rosen, Jay, p-variation for families of local times on lines, 171-184 [Zbl 0957.60086]
Jurek, Zbigniew J.; Wu, Liming, Large deviations for some Poisson random integrals, 185-197 [Zbl 0959.60022]
Denis, Laurent; Grorud, Axel; Pontier, Monique, A Dirichlet structure on a Wiener-Poisson space. Application to the enlargement of filtration, 198-217 [Zbl 0985.91027]
Maitra, A.; Sudderth, W., Saturations of gambling houses, 218-238 [Zbl 0963.91017]
Harris, Simon C., Convergence of a ‘Gibbs-Boltzmann’ random measure for a typed branching diffusion, 239-256 [Zbl 0985.60053]
Nagasawa, Masao; Tanaka, Hiroshi, Time dependent subordination and Markov processes with jumps, 257-288 [Zbl 0963.60062]
Hobson, David G., Marked excursions and random trees, 289-301 [Zbl 0965.60078]
Serlet, Laurent, Laws of the iterated logarithm for the Brownian snake, 302-312 [Zbl 0956.60012]
Capitaine, Mireille, On the Onsager-Machlup functional for elliptic diffusion processes, 313-328 [Zbl 0959.60072]
Hu, Yaozhong, A unified approach to several inequalities for Gaussian and diffusion measures, 329-335 [Zbl 0957.60091]
Miclo, Laurent; Roberto, Cyril, Spectral gaps for certain Metropolis algorithms on \(\mathbb{R}\), 336-352 [Zbl 0962.60064]
Mouton, Frédéric, Asymptotic support of harmonic functions on trees, 353-373 [Zbl 0958.60049]
Isozaki, Y.; Kotani, S., Asymptotic estimates for the first hitting time of fluctuating additive functionals of Brownian motion, 374-387 [Zbl 0968.60071]
Athreya, Siva, Monotonicity property for a class of semilinear partial differential equations, 388-392 [Zbl 0956.60067]
Khoshnevisan, Davar; Shi, Zhan, Fast sets and points for fractional Brownian motion, 393-416 [Zbl 0960.60038]
Vostrikova, Lioudmilla; Yor, M., Some invariance properties (of the laws) of Ocone’s martingales, 417-431 [Zbl 0965.60047]


00B15 Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest
60-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to probability theory


Probability; Seminar


Zbl 0924.00016
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