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The proceedings of the 19th Winter School “Geometry and physics”, Srní, Czech Republic, January 9–15, 1999. (English) Zbl 0940.00040
Supplemento ai Rendiconti del Circolo Matemàtico di Palermo. Serie II. 63. Palermo: Circolo Matematico di Palermo, 196 p. (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding winter school (18, 1998) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0913.00039).
Indexed articles:
Bar-Natan, Dror, From astrology to topology via Feynman diagrams and Lie algebras, 11-16 [Zbl 0979.81076]
Eastwood, Michael, Impossible Einstein-Weyl geometries, 17-22 [Zbl 0984.53019]
Eastwood, Michael, A complex from linear elasticity, 23-29 [Zbl 0965.58029]
Graham, C. Robin, Volume and area renormalizations for conformally compact Einstein metrics, 31-42 [Zbl 0984.53020]
Arvanitoyeorgos, Andreas; Beneki, Christina, Jacobi vector fields and geodesic tubes in certain Kähler manifolds, 43-52 [Zbl 0979.53062]
Bajguz, W., Disconnections of plane continua, 53-55 [Zbl 0995.53003]
Baleanu, Dumitru, About duality and Killing tensors, 57-61 [Zbl 0970.83012]
Buchholz, Volker, Spinor equations in Weyl geometry, 63-73 [Zbl 0983.53028]
Burdík, Č.; Navrátil, O., New boson realizations of quantum groups \(U_q (A_n)\), 75-84 [Zbl 0963.81034]
Eastwood, Michael G.; Michor, Peter W., Some remarks on the Plücker relations, 85-88 [Zbl 1071.15501]
Haller, Stefan; Rybicki, Tomasz, Integrability of the Poisson algebra on a locally conformal symplectic manifold, 89-96 [Zbl 0981.53070]
Kolář, Ivan; Mikulski, Włodzimierz M., Natural lifting of connections to vertical bundles, 97-102 [Zbl 0978.53056]
Kolář, Martin, Peak functions on convex domains, 103-112 [Zbl 0976.32018]
Klapka, Lubomír, Lagrange functions generating Poisson manifolds of geodesic arcs, 113-119 [Zbl 0992.53060]
Krupka, Michal, Natural operators on frame bundles, 121-129 [Zbl 0971.58002]
Kureš, Miroslav, On the simplicial structure of some Weil bundles, 131-140 [Zbl 0981.58001]
Kwaśniewski, A. K., On deformations of finite operator calculus of Rota, 141-148 [Zbl 0966.05004]
Lafuente, Javier; Salvador, Beatriz, From the Fermi-Walker to the Cartan connection, 149-156 [Zbl 1009.53019]
Markl, Martin, Homotopy algebras via resolutions of operads, 157-164 [Zbl 0962.18007]
Michor, Peter W.; Vaisman, Izu, A note on \(n\)-ary Poisson brackets, 165-172 [Zbl 0986.53035]
Mikeš, Josef; Laitochová, Jitka; Pokorná, Olga, On some relations between curvature and metric tensors in Riemannian spaces, 173-176 [Zbl 0978.53030]
Ortaçgil, Ercüment, \(G\)-connections as twisted formal solutions of systems of PDE’s related to geometric structures, 177-186 [Zbl 0986.53007]
Tomáš, Jiří, On quasijet bundles, 187-196 [Zbl 0971.58003]

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53-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to differential geometry
58-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to global analysis
81-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to quantum theory
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