Mathematics of fuzzy sets. Logic, topology, and measure theory. (English) Zbl 0942.00008

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Indexed articles:
Gottwald, S., Many-valued logic and fuzzy set theory, 5-89 [Zbl 0968.03062]
Rodabaugh, S. E., Powerset operator foundations for poslat fuzzy set theories and topologies, 91-116 [Zbl 0974.03047]
Höhle, U., Introductory note to chapter 3, 117-122 [Zbl 0961.54005]
Höhle, U.; Šostak, A. P., Axiomatic foundations of fixed-basis fuzzy topology, 123-272 [Zbl 0977.54006]
Rodabaugh, S. E., Categorical foundation of variable-basis fuzzy topology, 273-388 [Zbl 0968.54003]
Höhle, U., Characterization of \(L\)-topologies by \(L\)-valued neighborhoods, 389-432 [Zbl 1021.54004]
Kubiak, T., Separation axioms: Extension of mappings and embedding of spaces, 433-479 [Zbl 0977.54007]
Rodabaugh, S. E., Separation axioms: Representation theorems, compactness, and compactifications, 481-552 [Zbl 0968.54004]
Kotzé, W., Uniform spaces, 553-580 [Zbl 0967.54006]
Burton, M. H.; Gutiérrez García, Javier, Extensions of uniform space notions, 581-606 [Zbl 0967.54007]
Rodabaugh, S. E., Fuzzy real lines and dual real lines as poslat topological, uniform, and metric ordered semirings with unity, 607-631 [Zbl 1021.54005]
Klement, E. P.; Weber, S., Fundamentals of a generalized measure theory, 633-651 [Zbl 0977.28011]
Höhle, U.; Weber, S., On conditioning operators, 653-673 [Zbl 1032.28009]
Pap, E., Applications of decomposable measures, 675-700 [Zbl 0979.28010]
Ralescu, D. A., Fuzzy random variables revisited, 701-710 [Zbl 0971.60037]


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