Disease mapping and risk assessment for public health. (English) Zbl 0942.00010

Chichester: Wiley. xix, 482 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Mollié, Annie, Bayesian and empirical Bayes approaches to disease mapping., 15-29 [Zbl 1072.62665]
Conlon, Erin M.; Louis, Thomas A., Addressing multiple goals in evaluating region-specific risk using Bayesian methods., 31-47 [Zbl 1072.62656]
Stern, H.; Cressie, N., Inference for extremes in disease mapping., 63-84 [Zbl 1072.62671]
Tango, T., Comparison of general tests for spatial clustering., 111-117 [Zbl 1072.62673]
Lawson, Andrew B.; Clark, A., Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for putative sources of hazard and general clustering., 119-142 [Zbl 1072.62662]
Jacquez, Geoffrey M.; Jacquez, John A., Disease clustering for uncertain locations., 151-178 [Zbl 1072.62660]
Biggeri, A.; Divino, F.; Frigessi, A.; Lawson, Andrew B.; Böhning, D.; Lesaffre, E.; Viel, J.-F., Introduction to spatial models in ecological analysis, 181-192 [Zbl 0964.62105]
Ferrándiz, J.; López, A.; Sanmartín, P., Spatial regression models in epidemiological studies, 203-215 [Zbl 0965.62095]
Langford, Ian H.; Leyland, Alastair H.; Rasbash, Jon; Goldstein, Harvey; Day, Rosemary J.; McDonald, Anné-Lise, Multilevel modelling of area-based health data, 217-228 [Zbl 0965.62096]
Waller, Lance A.; Poquette, Catherine A., The power of focused score tests under misspecified cluster models, 257-269 [Zbl 0964.62104]
Biggeri, Annibale; Lagazio, Corrado, Case-control analysis of risk around putative sources, 271-286 [Zbl 0964.62100]
Bernardinelli, L.; Pascutto, C.; Montomoli, C.; Komakec, J.; Gilks, W. R., Ecological regression with errors in covariates: An application, 329-348 [Zbl 0965.62093]


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