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Theorem proving in higher order logics. 13th international conference, TPHOLs 2000, Portland, OR, USA, August 14–18, 2000. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0944.00036
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1869. Berlin: Springer. ix, 535 p. (2000).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (12th, 1999) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0929.00038).
Indexed articles:
Balaa, Antonia; Bertot, Yves, Fix-point equations for well-founded recursion in type theory, 1-16 [Zbl 0974.68183]
Barras, Bruno, Programming and computing in HOL, 17-37 [Zbl 0974.68187]
Berghofer, Stefan; Nipkow, Tobias, Proof terms for simply typed higher order logic, 38-52 [Zbl 0974.03013]
Bhargavan, Karthikeyan; Gunter, Carl A.; Obradovic, Davor, Routing information protocol in HOL/SPIN, 53-72 [Zbl 0974.68010]
Capretta, Venanzio, Recursive families of inductive types, 73-89 [Zbl 0974.03014]
Carreño, Víctor; Muñoz, César, Aircraft trajectory modeling and alerting algorithm verification, 90-105 [Zbl 0974.68548]
Colwell, Bob; Brennan, Bob, Intel’s formal verification experience on the Willamette development, 106-107 [Zbl 0974.68558]
Denney, Ewen, A prototype proof translator from HOL to Coq, 108-125 [Zbl 0974.68533]
Dubois, Catherine, Proving ML type soundness within Coq, 126-144 [Zbl 0974.68188]
Fleuriot, Jacques D., On the mechanization of real analysis in Isabelle/HOL, 145-161 [Zbl 0974.68186]
Geuvers, H.; Wiedijk, F.; Zwanenburg, J., Equational reasoning via partial reflection, 162-178 [Zbl 0974.68182]
Gordon, Michael J. C., Reachability programming in HOL98 using BDDs, 179-196 [Zbl 0974.68189]
Gottliebsen, Hanne, Transcendental functions and continuity checking in PVS, 197-214 [Zbl 0974.68190]
Grundy, Jim, Verified optimization for the Intel IA-64 architecture, 215-232 [Zbl 0974.68567]
Harrison, John, Formal verification of IA-64 division algorithms, 233-251 [Zbl 0974.68535]
Hickey, Jason; Nogin, Aleksey, Fast tactic-based theorem proving, 252-267 [Zbl 0974.68534]
Hofmann, Martin; Tang, Francis, Implementing a program logic of objects in a higher-order logic theorem prover, 268-282 [Zbl 0974.68185]
Holmes, M. Randall, A strong and mechanizable grand logic, 283-300 [Zbl 0974.03012]
Huisman, Marieke; Jacobs, Bart, Inheritance in higher order logic: Modeling and reasoning, 301-319 [Zbl 0974.68033]
Jackson, Paul B., Total-correctness refinement for sequential reactive systems, 320-337 [Zbl 0974.68119]
Kaivola, Roope; Aagaard, Mark D., Divider circuit verification with model checking and theorem proving, 338-355 [Zbl 0974.68519]
Kerbœuf, Mickaël; Nowak, David; Talpin, Jean-Pierre, Specification and verification of a steam-boiler with Signal-Coq, 356-371 [Zbl 0974.68522]
Laibinis, Linas; von Wright, Joakim, Functional procedures in higher-order logic, 372-387 [Zbl 0974.68506]
Letouzey, Pierre; Théry, Laurent, Formalizing Stålmarck’s algorithm in Coq, 388-405 [Zbl 0974.68184]
Lüth, Christoph; Wolff, Burkhart, TAS – a generic window inference system, 406-423 [Zbl 0974.68507]
Merz, Stephan, Weak alternating automata in Isabelle/HOL, 424-441 [Zbl 0974.68090]
Milner, Robin, Graphical theories of interactive systems: Can a proof assistant help?, 442 [Zbl 0974.68555]
Mokkedem, Abdel; Leonard, Tim, Formal verification of the Alpha 21364 network protocol, 443-461 [Zbl 0974.68553]
Pollack, Robert, Dependently typed records for representing mathematical structure, 462-479 [Zbl 0974.68181]
Reus, Bernhard; Hein, Tatjana, Towards a machine-checked Java specification book, 480-497 [Zbl 0974.68505]
Slind, Konrad, Another look at nested recursion, 498-518 [Zbl 0974.68180]
Wos, Larry; Fitelson, Branden, Automating the search for answers to open questions, 519-525 [Zbl 0974.68538]
Wos, Larry, Appendix: conjectures concerning proof, design, and verification, 526-533 [Zbl 0974.68537]

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