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Quantum theory and symmetries. Proceedings of the international symposium held in Goslar, Germany, July 18–22, 1999. (English) Zbl 0944.00084
Singapore: World Scientific. xiv, 622 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Ne’eman, Yuval, From Athens to Clausthal: a harangue and travelogue inspired by H. Heine’s Harzreise, 5-14 [Zbl 1037.81500]
Varadarajan, V. S., Quantum theory over unconventional fields and rings, 17-28 [Zbl 1037.81505]
Ali, S. Twareque, A generalized Wigner function, coherent states and quantization, 29-38 [Zbl 1037.81555]
Römer, H.; Paufler, C., Anomalies and star products, 39-45 [Zbl 1037.81553]
Carey, Alan; Mickelsson, Jouko, Hamiltonian quantization of fermions on an odd dimensional manifold with boundary, 46-51 [Zbl 1037.81055]
Marmo, G.; Simoni, A., Bi-Hamiltonian systems and the correspondence principle, 52-57 [Zbl 1037.81525]
Man’ko, V. I., Moyal quantization and tomographic map, 58-62 [Zbl 1037.81552]
Schroeck, F. E. jun., Quantization of classical mechanics, 63-67 [Zbl 1037.81558]
Śniatycki, Jedrzej, Quantization of Yang-Mills fields commutes with reduction, 68-75 [Zbl 1037.81554]
Ohnuki, Y., Representation spaces of the Dirac algebra for a particle constrained on a manifold diffeomorphic to \(S^ D\), 76-80 [Zbl 1037.81541]
Omote, M.; Kamefuchi, S., Symmetry and covariance of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, 81-86 [Zbl 1037.81540]
Kapuścik, Edward, Energy from quantum mechanical uncertainties, 87-92 [Zbl 1037.81502]
Horzela, Andrzej, On two particles Wigner problem, 93-98 [Zbl 1037.81550]
Lieb, Elliott H.; Seiringer, Robert; Yngvason, Jakob, The ground state energy and density of interacting bosons in a trap, 101-110 [Zbl 1043.82515]
Goldin, Gerald A., Perspectives on nonlinearity in quantum mechanics, 111-123 [Zbl 1037.81539]
Mielnik, Bogdan, Is nonlinear quantum mechanics possible, 124-133 [Zbl 1037.81504]
Lücke, W., Problems with nonlinear quantum mechanics, 134-139 [Zbl 1037.81503]
Bóna, Pavel, On symmetries in nonlinear quantum mechanics, 140-144 [Zbl 1037.81544]
Mizrahi, Salomon S.; Dodonov, Victor V., Solitons and compactons from the Doebner-Goldin equation, 145-151 [Zbl 1037.81526]
Schuch, Dieter, Linearization of nonlinear Schrödinger equations – non-unitary transformations compared to nonlinear gauge transformations, 152-158 [Zbl 1043.82034]
Nikitin, A. G., Symmetry analysis of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation, 159-164 [Zbl 0968.35109]
Jamiołkowski, A., On some generalizations of the Lax-von Neumann equations, 165-170 [Zbl 0969.37029]
Syty, Monika; Wasylka, Krzysztof; Czachor, Marek, The beauty of Harzians, 171-175 [Zbl 1037.81529]
Antoniou, I.; Suchanecki, Z., Quantum decay in Liouville space, 179-190 [Zbl 1037.81591]
Bohm, Arno R.; Harshman, N. L.; Mithaiwala, M. J., Relativistic resonances, relativistic Gamow vectors and representations of the Poincaré semigroup, 191-201 [Zbl 1037.81592]
Solomon, Allan I.; Fu, H. C.; Feng, Y.; Penson, K. A., General time covariant coherent states as eigenstates, 202-206 [Zbl 1037.81546]
Gadella, M.; de la Madrid, R., Gamow vectors as state vectors, 207-211 [Zbl 1037.81593]
Smirnov, Yu. F., On the solution of the Dirac-Coulomb problem in a discrete basis, 212-216 [Zbl 1037.81528]
Zhdanov, R. Z., On separable \(n\)-dimensional one-particle Schrödinger equations, 217-220 [Zbl 1037.81530]
Leble, S., Isospectral symmetries in quantum theory, 221-225 [Zbl 1037.81521]
Man’ko, M. A., Fractional Fourier analysis and quantum propagators, 226-231 [Zbl 1037.81524]
Moshinsky, Marcos; Riquer, Verónica, Matrix representation of the two body relativistic problem, 232-237 [Zbl 1037.81527]
Jung, C.; Leyvraz, F.; Seligman, T. H., Globally singularity free semi-classical wave functions in closed form, 238-242 [Zbl 1037.81520]
Caban, P.; Rembieliński, J., Relativistic quantum mechanics and a nonstandard synchronization of clocks, 243-251 [Zbl 1010.83006]
Strauss, Y.; Horwitz, L. P., Lax-Phillips analysis of the resonances of a relativistic quantum field theoretical model, 252-257 [Zbl 1037.81563]
Albeverio, Sergio; Gottschalk, Hanno, On the construction of asymptotic states for some relativistic interacting quantum field models with indefinite metric, 261-269 [Zbl 1037.81559]
Borchers, H. J., On thermal states of \((1+1)\)-dimensional quantum systems, 270-277 [Zbl 1043.82507]
Rehren, K.-H., A proof of the AdS-CFT correspondence, 278-284 [Zbl 1037.81573]
Schroer, Bert, Local quantum theory beyond quantization, 285-293 [Zbl 1037.81560]
Baumgärtel, Hellmut, Dual actions on \(C^*\)-algebras and Hilbert extensions, 294-301 [Zbl 0976.46049]
Roos, H., Local temperature in QFT, 302-308 [Zbl 1043.82520]
Randjbar-Daemi, S., A brief review of gauge theory – gravity correspondence, 311-322 [Zbl 1043.81619]
O’Raifeartaigh, L., Noether currents for \(N=2\) SUSY QCD, 323-330 [Zbl 1043.81747]
Dubois-Violette, M.; Furlan, P.; Hadjiivanov, L. K.; Isaev, A. P.; Pyatov, P. N.; Todorov, I. I., A finite dimensional gauge problem in the WZNW model., 331-349 [Zbl 1037.81575]
Bandos, Igor; Lukierski, Jerzy; Sorokin, Dmitri, Generalized superconformal symmetries and supertwistor dynamics, 350-356 [Zbl 1037.81545]
Karp, Robert L.; Mansouri, Freydoon, Supersymmetric product integrals, supersymmetric Wilson lines and non-abelian Stokes theorem, 357-361 [Zbl 1037.81579]
Geyer, B.; Lazar, M., Twist decomposition of nonlocal light-ray operators and harmonic tensor functions, 362-366 [Zbl 1037.81596]
Kijowski, Jerzy; Chruściński, Dariusz, Head or tail: the dilemma of electrodynamics, 367-371 [Zbl 1042.78003]
Niederle, J., Bose-Fermi similarity, 372-375 [Zbl 0960.81066]
Dodonov, V. V., Analytical solutions for quantum fields in cavities with moving boundaries, 376-380 [Zbl 1043.81754]
Werner, R. F., Basic open problems in the theory of entanglement, 395-400 [Zbl 1071.81509]
Keyl, Michael, Quantum operations with multiple inputs, 401-405 [Zbl 1071.81512]
Uhlmann, Armin, Partial fidelities, 406-411 [Zbl 1045.81506]
Hellwig, K.-E., Relative entropy of states in a two \(q\)-bit system, 412-417 [Zbl 1071.81507]
Landsman, N. P., Compact quantum groupoids, 421-431 [Zbl 1071.81536]
Duru, I. H.; Ahmedov, H., Green functions on the quantum plane and some \(q\)-special functions, 432-436 [Zbl 1071.81532]
Palev, T. D.; Stoilova, N. I.; Van der Jeugt, J., A new description of the quantum superalgebra \(U_ q[\text{sl}(n+1| m)]\) and related Fock representations, 437-441 [Zbl 1071.81538]
Ortega, R.; Santander, M., An outline to quantum trigonometry, 442-446 [Zbl 1071.81508]
Herranz, Francisco J., A new quantum so(2,2) algebra, 447-451 [Zbl 1071.81535]
Tolstoy, V. N.; Ogievetsky, O. V.; Pyatov, P. N.; Isaev, A. P., Modified affine Hecke algebras and Drinfeldians of type A, 452-458 [Zbl 1071.17501]
Klimyk, A. U., Nonstandard \(q\)-deformation of the universal enveloping algebra \(U(\text{so}_ n)\), 459-463 [Zbl 1071.17500]
Dobrev, V. K.; Doebner, H.-D.; Franz, U.; Schott, R., Infinitely divisible representations of \(U_ q(\mathfrak g)\), 464-469 [Zbl 1071.81539]
Šťovíček, Pavel, Discrete series of representations for \(\mathcal U_ q(\mathfrak s\mathfrak l(2,\mathbf R))\), 470-474 [Zbl 1071.81531]
Jurčo, Branislav; Schupp, Peter, Quantum Lax scheme for Ruijsenaars models, 475-479 [Zbl 1071.81527]
Calow, D.; Matthes, R., Covering and gluing of algebras, and quantum principal bundles, 480-485 [Zbl 0970.58004]
Mir-Kasimov, R. M., Geometry of momentum space and noncommutative differential calculus, 486-489 [Zbl 1071.81592]
Dobrev, V. K., Solutions of quantum conformal equations in terms of \(q\)-plane waves, 490-495 [Zbl 0966.39008]
Masáková, Z.; Patera, J.; Pelantová, E., Lattice-like properties of quasicrystal models with quadratic irrationalities, 499-509 [Zbl 0974.52020]
Gazeau, Jean-Pierre; Kramer, Peter, Multiresolution analysis based on stone-inflation tilings, 510-518 [Zbl 0968.52013]
Kerner, Richard, Stochastic matrices and amorphous growth models, 519-523 [Zbl 0983.82010]
Tolar, J., Translation invariant quantizations on discrete phase spaces, 524-529 [Zbl 1044.81643]
Twarock, Reidun, Breaking Virasoro symmetry, 530-534 [Zbl 1044.81602]
Grosse, H.; Reiter, G., Fuzzy projective spaces, 535-539 [Zbl 1044.81599]
Lorente, Miguel, Some integrable quantum systems on the lattice, 540-544 [Zbl 0966.39006]
Dimakis, A.; Müller-Hoissen, F., Bicomplexes and finite Toda lattices, 545-549 [Zbl 0969.37032]
Requardt, Manfred, Space-time as an order-parameter manifold in random networks and the emergence of physical points, 555-561 [Zbl 1044.81513]
Kosmann-Schwarzbach, Y., Odd and even Poisson brackets, 565-571 [Zbl 0981.53080]
Binz, Ernst; Schempp, Walter, Projective geometry and Kepler’s libration theory, 572-576 [Zbl 0980.70006]
Rudolph, G.; Schmidt, M.; Volobuev, I. P., Some remarks on the gauge orbit space, 577-582 [Zbl 1044.81676]
Izmest’ev, A. A.; Pogosyan, G. S., Inönü-Wigner contractions and separation of variables. Two-dimensional hyperboloid, 583-591 [Zbl 0966.22008]
Moylan, P., The \(\text{SO}(4,4)\) minimal representation and the Rac representation of \(\text{SO}_0(2,3)^\sim\), 592-596 [Zbl 0965.22014]
Srinivasa Rao, K., Symmetries of the \(9\)-\(j\) coefficient and summation and transformation formulas for hypergeometric series, 597-602 [Zbl 0970.33011]

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