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31st national congress of the Mexican Mathematical Society, Hermosillo, Mexico, October 11–17, 1999. Proceedings. (XXXI congreso nacional de la Sociedad Matemática Mexicana, Hermosillo, México, 1999. Memorias.) (English, Spanish) Zbl 0948.00027
Aportaciones Matemáticas. Comunicaciones. 25. México: Sociedad Matemática Mexicana. 385 p. (1999).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (30, 1997) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0948.00025).
Indexed articles:
Arredondo, Juan H.; Morales, Luis B.; Seibert, Peter, Limiting behavior of a sequence defined by a recurrence relation, 3-13 [Zbl 0970.05009]
Brambila-Paz, L.; Ongay, F., Multiplication of sections and the Brill-Noether theorem, 15-21 [Zbl 0976.14022]
Bustamante, Jorge; Jiménez, Miguel Antonio, The degree of best approximation in the Lipschitz norm by trigonometric polynomials, 23-30 [Zbl 0974.42007]
Fernández Muñiz, José L.; Guzmán Ovando, María E., Korovkin-type approximation in Banach lattices, 31-40 [Zbl 0976.41024]
Fraguela Collar, Andrés; Morín Castillo, María M.; Oliveros Oliveros, José J., Formulation of the inverse problem of parameter localization for a dipolar volumetric source of neuronal current, 41-55 [Zbl 0976.35096]
Garibay Bonales, Fernando; Vera Mendoza, Rigoberto, Duality in non-Archimedean vector spaces, 57-69 [Zbl 0997.46048]
Guzmán Gómez, Marisela, Non existence of standing waves for a Davey-Stewartson system, 71-78 [Zbl 0972.35147]
Morales Rodríguez, Juan, Nonsupersolvable finite groups all of whose proper normal subgroups are supersolvable, 79-82 [Zbl 0978.20013]
Nieto, Isidro, The multiplicity formula \(\nu^n_r\), 83-91 [Zbl 0972.14016]
Pituch, Józef; Reséndis O., L. F., Univalent functions and convex domains with respect to a real point, 93-97 [Zbl 0969.30005]
Sánchez-Argáez, Armando, Actions of the group \(A_5\) in Jacobian varieties, 99-108 [Zbl 0979.14016]
Tapia-Recillas, H.; Vega, G., A cyclic approach to bent functions, 109-114 [Zbl 0972.94040]
Eliahou, Shalom; Villarreal, Rafael H., The second Betti number of an edge ideal, 115-119 [Zbl 1013.13012]
Zaldívar, Felipe, On 2-primary localized algebraic \(K\)-theory, 121-129 [Zbl 0983.19001]
Avila-Vales, Eric J., A global attractor in a one-predator–two-prey model, 133-140 [Zbl 1001.92547]
Borovikov, V. A., Singularities of the Green function for non-strictly hyperbolic operators, 141-146 [Zbl 0973.35124]
Bustamante, Jorge; Jiménez, Miguel Antonio, Fourier series and convergence in Lipschitz norm, 147-151 [Zbl 0985.42001]
Jiménez, Miguel Antonio, A new approach to Lipschitz spaces of periodic integrable functions, 153-157 [Zbl 0974.42008]
Sanjuán Gonzalez, Julio César, On Moore spaces in shape theory, 159-160 [Zbl 0964.54015]
Sbitneva, Larissa V., Algebraic structures of perfect transsymmetric spaces, 161-165 [Zbl 0978.20039]
Aguilar S., Enrique; Rivera F., Antonio, Divergence of Riemann series, 169-178 [Zbl 0995.11053]
Alonso, Alberto; Rosenblueth, Javier F., Periodic functions in a compact interval, 179-189 [Zbl 0986.28003]
Barrañón, A.; López, J. A., Parameter dependence of Schrödinger equation energy surfaces, 191-197 [Zbl 1161.81341]
Carrillo, H.; Guzmán, J. R., A dynamical systems proof of Euler’s generalization of the little theorem of Fermat, 199-202 [Zbl 0984.11003]
Charatonik, Janusz J., On absolute retracts for classes of continua, 203-208 [Zbl 0964.54009]
Fetter, Helga, From \(\ell^p\)-spaces to Gowers-Maurey spaces, 209-218 [Zbl 0979.46008]
Galaz-Fontes, Fernando, Compactness in \(L^p\)-spaces, 219-225 [Zbl 1013.46503]
González, Jesús, Asymptotic behavior in stable homotopy, 227-241 [Zbl 0965.55006]
López Bautista, Pedro Ricardo, Factoring integers, 243-269 [Zbl 1001.11054]
Martínez de la Escalera C., Nieves, The cone and conics, 271-283 [Zbl 0978.51011]
Martínez Ortiz, Fernando R.; Miranda Perea, Favio E., Games in finite model theory, 285-302 [Zbl 0965.03045]
Morales Rodríguez, Juan, A characterization of finite cyclic groups, 303-305 [Zbl 0978.20025]
Oliveros, Déborah, The space of pentagons and the flotation problem, 307-320 [Zbl 1161.52308]
Tamariz Mascarúa, Ángel, Linearly ordered topological spaces, 321-338 [Zbl 0964.54025]

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