High dimensional probability II. 2nd international conference, Univ. of Washington, DC, USA, August 1–6, 1999. (English) Zbl 0948.00040

Progress in Probability. 47. Boston, MA: Birkhäuser. 510 p. (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 1996 conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 0883.00024).
Indexed articles:
de la Peña, Victor H.; Klass, Michael J.; Lai, Tze Leung, Moment bounds for self-normalized martingales, 3-11 [Zbl 0967.60052]
Giné, Evarist; Latała, Rafał; Zinn, Joel, Exponential and moment inequalities for \(U\)-statistics, 13-38 [Zbl 0969.60024]
Götze, Friedrich; Zaitsev, Andrei Yu., A multiplicative inequality for concentration functions of \(n\)-fold convolutions, 39-47 [Zbl 0969.60023]
Pinelis, Iosif, On exact maximal Khinchine inequalities, 49-63 [Zbl 0971.60012]
Rosiński, Jan, Strong exponential integrability of martingales with increments bounded by a sequence of numbers, 65-76 [Zbl 0981.60006]
Gaenssler, Peter; Rost, Daniel, On uniform laws of large numbers for smoothed empirical measures, 77-87 [Zbl 0974.60014]
Radulović, Dragan; Wegkamp, Marten, Weak convergence of smoothed empirical processes: Beyond Donsker classes, 89-105 [Zbl 0973.60025]
Rost, Daniel, Limit theorems for smoothed empirical processes, 107-113 [Zbl 0968.60023]
van der Vaart, Aad; Wellner, Jon A., Preservation theorems for Glivenko-Cantelli and uniform Glivenko-Cantelli classes, 115-133 [Zbl 0967.60037]
Fernique, X., Continuity of some random Gaussian functions with values in \(l_p\), \( 1\leq p<\infty\), 137-161 [Zbl 0970.60039]
Li, Wenbo V.; Shao, Qi-Man, A note on the Gaussian correlation conjecture, 163-171 [Zbl 0968.60032]
Marcus, Michael B., Probability estimates for lower levels of certain Gaussian processes with stationary increments, 173-179 [Zbl 0973.60040]
Deheuvels, Paul; Einmahl, Uwe; Mason, David M., Asymptotic independence of the local empirical process indexed by functions, 183-205 [Zbl 0970.60033]
Peskir, Goran, The Azéma-Yor embedding in Brownian motion with drift, 207-221 [Zbl 0967.60046]
Sakhanenko, Alexander I., A new way to obtain estimates in the invariance principle, 223-245 [Zbl 0971.60032]
Chen, Xia, On the law of the iterated logarithm for local times of recurrent random walks, 249-259 [Zbl 0982.60014]
Einmahl, Uwe; Kuelbs, James, A general compact law of the iterated logarithm in Banach spaces, 261-278 [Zbl 0972.60018]
de Acosta, A., Dominating points for general sequences of random vectors, 281-291 [Zbl 0977.60032]
Menneteau, Ludovic, Large deviations for local empirical measures, 293-312 [Zbl 0966.60022]
Bradley, Richard C., An example concerning tightness of sums of \(B\)-valued random variables, 315-327 [Zbl 0965.60020]
Khoshnevisan, Davar; Xiao, Yimin, Images and level sets of additive random walks, 329-345 [Zbl 0969.60052]
De Coninck, Joël; Jurek, Zbigniew J., Lee-Yang models, selfdecomposability and negative-definite functions., 349-357 [Zbl 1071.82524]
Misiewicz, Jolanta K.; Tabisz, Krzysztof, When an isotropic random vector is pseudo-isotropic, 359-366 [Zbl 0968.60017]
Ossiander, Mina, Support fragmentation for multiplicative cascade measures, 367-376 [Zbl 0971.60052]
Szulga, Jerzy; Molz, Fred, On simulating fractional Brownian motion, 377-387 [Zbl 0963.65009]
Belitser, Eduard; van de Geer, Sara, On robust recursive nonparametric curve estimation, 391-403 [Zbl 0958.62035]
Devroye, Luc; Lugosi, Gábor, Variable kernel estimates: On the impossibility of tuning the parameters, 405-424 [Zbl 0961.62026]
Eggermont, Paul; LaRiccia, Vincent, Almost sure asymptotic optimality of cross validation for spline smoothing, 425-441 [Zbl 0958.62047]
Koltchinskii, Vladimir; Panchenko, Dmitriy, Rademacher processes and bounding the risk of function learning., 443-457 [Zbl 1106.68385]
Haeusler, Erich; Plies, Christiane, Bootstrapping empirical distributions under auxiliary information, 461-476 [Zbl 0963.62041]
Kim, Peter T., On the characteristic function of the matrix von Mises-Fisher distribution with application to \(SO(N)\)-deconvolution, 477-492 [Zbl 0970.60024]
Koltchinskii, Vladimir; Sakhanenko, Lyudmila, Testing for ellipsoidal symmetry of a multivariate distribution, 493-510 [Zbl 0958.62056]


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