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International conference on differential equations. Proceedings of the conference, Equadiff ’99, Berlin, Germany, August 1–7, 1999. Vol. 1. (English) Zbl 0949.00019
Singapore: World Scientific. xxx, 806 p. (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (1995) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0948.00033). For Vol. 2 see Zbl 0949.00031.
Indexed articles:
García, Antonio; Pérez-Chavela, Ernesto, Melnikov techniques in the Sitnikov problem, 3-8 [Zbl 0969.34034]
Jalali, Mir Abbas, \(2n\pi\)-periodic solutions of the Sitnikov problem, 9-11 [Zbl 0969.34035]
Martínez, Regina; Simó, Carles; Susín, Antoni, Regularizable and non-regularizable collisions in \(N\)-body problems, 12-19 [Zbl 1051.70517]
McCord, Christopher, On the homology of the integral manifolds in celestial mechanics, 20-25 [Zbl 0966.37026]
Moeckel, Richard, Horseshoes and the problem of the gaps, 26-29 [Zbl 0976.37037]
Roberts, Gareth E., Existence and stability of relative equilibria in the \(n\)-body problem, 30-35 [Zbl 1003.70010]
Bonatti, Ch.; Pumariño, A.; Viana, M., Lorenz attractors with arbitrary expanding dimension, 39-44 [Zbl 0976.37014]
Gonchenko, Sergey V., Homoclinic tangencies and \(\Omega\)-moduli, 45-47 [Zbl 0966.37018]
Homburg, Ale Jan, Infinite modal maps and homoclinic bifurcations, 48-54 [Zbl 0973.37023]
Krauskopf, Bernd; Oldeman, Bart E.; Champneys, Alan R., Resonant homoclinic flip bifurcations: A numerical investigation, 55-57 [Zbl 0969.34032]
Lakrad, F.; Houssni, M.; Belhaq, M., Bifurcations in three-dimensional systems: Asymptotic treatment, 58-60 [Zbl 0971.34025]
Lerman, L. M., On the structure and bifurcations in a one-parameter unfolding of a 2-d. o. f. Hamiltonian system with a contour with two saddle-foci, 61-63 [Zbl 0966.37028]
Morales, C. A.; Pacifico, M. J., Attractors and singularities robustly accumulated by periodic orbits, 64-67 [Zbl 0966.37006]
Shashkov, Mikhail V., Impossibility of complete bifurcation description for some classes of systems with simple dynamics, 68-70 [Zbl 0976.37025]
Tucker, Warwick, Computational algorithms for ordinary differential equations, 71-76 [Zbl 0965.65096]
Berglund, N., Bifurcations, scaling laws and hysteresis in singularly perturbed systems, 79-81 [Zbl 0969.34052]
Bohé, Adriana, Exponential sensitivity in some singularly perturbed boundary value problems, 82-84 [Zbl 0969.34054]
Chouikha, A. Raouf, The period function of nonhomogeneous differential equations, 85-87 [Zbl 0969.34036]
Dumortier, Freddy, Geometric singular perturbation theory: Centre manifolds and blow up, 88-93 [Zbl 0969.34041]
Fridman, E., Invariant manifolds approach to optimal control of nonlinear singularly perturbed systems, 94-96 [Zbl 0969.34058]
Frolovitchev, S. M., Multiplicative solution asymptotics for singularly perturbed parabolic boundary value problems, 97-99 [Zbl 0968.35055]
Gaiko, Valery A., Limit cycle bifurcations, 100-102 [Zbl 0971.34014]
Golovaty, Yuri; Babych, Natalia, On WKB asymptotic expansions of high frequency vibrations in stiff problems, 103-105 [Zbl 0965.35107]
van Horssen, W. T., A perturbation method based on integrating vectors, 106-108 [Zbl 0969.34053]
Kunze, Markus, Effective dynamics for the Maxwell-Lorentz system, 109-111 [Zbl 0968.35117]
Nefedov, Nikolay N., Asymptotic method of differential inequalities, 112-117 [Zbl 0966.35049]
Schäfke, Reinhard, Gevrey asymptotics in singular perturbations of ODE, 118-123 [Zbl 0970.34053]
Gundlach, Volker Matthias, Random homoclinic dynamics, 127-132 [Zbl 0974.37035]
Li, C. W.; Rong, Situ.; Dong, Z., Lyapunov exponents of linear stochastic jump diffusions, 133-135 [Zbl 0966.37023]
Mao, Xuerong, Lyapunov’s second method for stochastic differential equations, 136-141 [Zbl 0974.37033]
Ashwin, Peter; Melbourne, Ian; Nicol, Matthew, Drift for Euclidean extensions of dynamical systems, 145-150 [Zbl 0976.37011]
Belitskii, Genrich; Kopanskii, Alexander, Smooth normalization of reversible vector fields, 151-153 [Zbl 0966.37016]
Callahan, T. K., Hopf bifurcations on the FCC lattice, 154-156 [Zbl 0966.37007]
Callahan, T. K.; Knobloch, E., Pattern formation in weakly anisotropic systems, 157-162 [Zbl 0966.37019]
Chillingworth, D. R. J., Generic bifurcation from a 2-manifold, 163-165 [Zbl 0976.37027]
Ciocci, Maria-Cristina, On the stability of bifurcating periodic orbits in reversible and symplectic mappings, 166-168 [Zbl 0966.37020]
Field, Michael, Ergodicity and robustness of symmetric attractors, 169-174 [Zbl 0976.37028]
Lamb, Jeroen S. W.; Melbourne, Ian; Wulff, Claudia, Bifurcation from periodic and relative periodic solutions in equivariant dynamical systems, 175-185 [Zbl 0966.37021]
Melbourne, Ian, Validity, universality and structure of the Ginzburg-Landau equation, 186-200 [Zbl 0983.35059]
Özer, Teoman, Calculation of solution of Boussinesq problem using Lie symmetries, 201-203 [Zbl 0969.35132]
Recke, Lutz, Applications of a new \(G\)-invariant implicit function theorem, 204-206 [Zbl 0971.58006]
Turhan, I. Murat; Can, Mehmet, The relations between Painlevé property and Lie symmetries of second order ordinary differential equations, 207-209 [Zbl 0968.34075]
Vanderbauwhede, André, An example of symmetry reduction in Hamiltonian systems, 210-212 [Zbl 0966.37027]
Wood, D. A.; Allwright, D., Symmetries and mode interactions in the optimisation of hydrophone placement in acoustic arrays, 213-215 [Zbl 0998.76079]
Kokubu, Hiroshi, On transition matrices, 219-224 [Zbl 0966.37002]
Mazur, Marcin; Szybowski, Jacek, The implementation of the Allili-Kaczyński algorithm for the construction of a chain homomorphism induced by a multivalued map, 225-227 [Zbl 0974.37008]
Pilarczyk, Paweł, Computer assisted proof of the existence of a periodic orbit in the Rössler equations, 228-230 [Zbl 0969.34039]
Srzednicki, Roman, On the structure of the Conley index, 231-240 [Zbl 0974.37009]
VanderVorst, R. C. A. M.; van den Berg, J. B., Periodic orbits for fourth order conservative systems and Morse type theory, 241-245 [Zbl 0966.37032]
Wójcik, Klaudiusz; Zgliczyński, Piotr, How to show an existence of homoclinic trajectories using topological tools?, 246-248 [Zbl 0969.34040]
Domoshnitsky, A., Asymptotic properties of second-order functional-differential equations, 251-253 [Zbl 0969.34068]
Domoshnitsky, Alexander; Drakhlin, Michael; Litsyn, Elena, On equations with state-dependent time lags, 254-256 [Zbl 0969.34063]
Hale, Jack K.; Verduyn Lunel, Sjoerd M., Effects of time delays on the dynamics of feedback systems, 257-266 [Zbl 0979.34054]
Wu, Jianhong, Synchronization and phased-locked oscillation: Their connecting orbits and domains of attraction in a neural network with delay, 267-272 [Zbl 0969.34061]
Luzyanina, T.; Engelborghs, K.; Roose, D., Some collocation results on computing periodic solutions of delay differential equations, 273-275 [Zbl 0965.65099]
Fischer, Arthur E.; Moncrief, Vincent, Hamiltonian reduction of Einstein’s equations and the geometrization of three-manifolds, 279-282 [Zbl 0966.37047]
Ševčovič, D.; Mikula, K., Evolution of plane curves driven by a nonlinear function of curvature and anisotropy, 283-285 [Zbl 0969.35084]
Baiti, Paolo; LeFloch, Philippe G.; Piccoli, Benedetto, BV stability via generalized characteristics for nonclassical solutions of conservation laws, 289-294 [Zbl 0968.35074]
Härterich, Jörg, Admissibility of traveling waves for scalar balance laws, 295-297 [Zbl 0980.35100]
Liebscher, Stefan, Shocks with oscillatory tails in systems of viscous hyperbolic balance laws, 298-300 [Zbl 0968.35075]
Liu, Hailiang; Warnecke, Gerald, Initial layer effects and convergence rates for relaxation methods, 301-307 [Zbl 0969.35092]
Liu, Tai-Ping, On recent progress in shock wave theory, 308-314 [Zbl 0967.35091]
Marcati, Pierangelo; Pan, Ronghua, Cauchy problem for compressible Euler equations with damping, 315-317 [Zbl 0969.35103]
Bahouri, Hajer; Chemin, Jean-Yves, Quasilinear wave equations and dispersive effect, 321-326 [Zbl 0968.35077]
Christodoulou, Demetrios, The notion of hyperbolicity for systems of Euler-Lagrange equations, 327-338 [Zbl 0968.35070]
Esquivel-Avila, Jorge A., Bounded solutions and blow-up in nonlinear wave equations, 339-341 [Zbl 0976.35043]
Jochmann, Frank, Asymptotic behaviour of solutions to Maxwell’s equations in arbitrary domains, 342-344 [Zbl 0969.35129]
Schirmer, Pedro Paulo, Strichartz inequalities for the wave equations with a magnetic potential, 345-350 [Zbl 0967.35117]
Stuart, David M. A., Semilinear wave equations on pseudo-Riemannian manifolds: Stability and motion of non-topological solitons, 351-353 [Zbl 0968.35079]
Sushch, Volodymyr, On discrete models of the wave equation, 354-356 [Zbl 0968.35069]
You, Yuncheng, Global dynamics of nonlinear hyperbolic equations with non-monotone damping, 357-359 [Zbl 0969.35096]
Franců, Jan; Krejčí, Pavel, Homogenization of scalar wave equation with hysteresis operator, 363-368 [Zbl 1003.74060]
Visintin, Augusto, P. D. E. s with hysteresis operators, 369-382 [Zbl 0967.35140]
Scarpellini, B., Stability of the magnetic Bénard problem, 385-389 [Zbl 0967.35137]
Schneider, Guido; Wayne, C. Eugene, Counter-propagating waves on fluid surfaces and the continuum limit of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam model, 390-404 [Zbl 0970.35126]
Slijepčević, S., Extended gradient systems: The energy flow inequalities, 405-407 [Zbl 0968.35021]
Uecker, Hannes, Rolls and modulating multi-pulse solutions in Swift-Hohenberg type of equations, 408-413 [Zbl 0967.35134]
Hadeler, K. P.; Schönfisch, B., Dimer automata and edge processes, 417-422 [Zbl 0966.37044]
Lin, Song-Sun, Lattice dynamical system: Pattern and waves, 423-430 [Zbl 0966.37045]
Seib, Andreas, Differential equations describing the evolution of particle densities for interacting particle systems, 431-433 [Zbl 0962.82044]
Torres, Pedro J., Periodic motions of nonautonomous Toda lattices, 434-436 [Zbl 0969.34037]
Barbarosie, Cristian, Numerical approach to the inverse homogenization problem, 439-441 [Zbl 1010.74051]
Conti, Sergio, Asymptotic self-similarity in a model of branching in microstructured materials, 442-447 [Zbl 1010.74046]
E, Weinan; Yip, Nung Kwan, Continuum limits of step flow models, 448-453 [Zbl 1010.74038]
Mel’nyk, T. A., Spectral problems in a periodic thick multi-structure with concentrated masses, 454-456 [Zbl 0966.35093]
Rieger, Marc Oliver, Time-dependent Young measure solutions for an elasticity equation with diffusion, 457-459 [Zbl 1007.74016]
Sychev, M. A., Existence and relaxation results in the class of anti-plane shear deformations, 460-462 [Zbl 1010.74007]
Toader, Anca-Maria, Constrained Young measures, 463-465 [Zbl 0988.49006]
Ambrosetti, Antonio, Applications of critical point theory to variational problems on \(\mathbb{R}^n\), 469-484 [Zbl 0965.35053]
Boucherif, Abdelkader; Bouguima, Sidi Mohamed, Multipoint boundary value problems, 485-487 [Zbl 0969.34016]
Boyer, Franck, Theoretical and numerical study of multi-phase flows through order parameter formulation, 488-490 [Zbl 0968.35093]
Cabada, Alberto; Habets, Patrick; Pouso, Rodrigo L., Lower and upper solutions for the periodic problem associated with a \(\phi\)-Laplacian equation, 491-493 [Zbl 0969.34017]
Colombo, Giovanni; Goncharov, Vladimir V., The sweeping processes without convexity, 494-496 [Zbl 0969.34057]
Derhab, Mohammed; Bouguima, Sidi Mohammed, On the number of solutions of quasilinear elliptic boundary value problems, 497-499 [Zbl 0969.34018]
Franco, Daniel; Nieto, Juan J., Remarks on a periodic boundary value problem for second order impulsive integro-differential equations, 500-502 [Zbl 0965.45010]
Jolevska-Tuneska, Biljana; Lazov, Petar, Polynomial solutions on matrix differential equation of Riccati type, 503-505 [Zbl 0969.34014]
Kielhöfer, Hansjörg, Pattern formation of minimizing sequences of the stationary Cahn-Hilliard model, 506-511 [Zbl 0966.35047]
Micheletti, A. M.; Saccon, C., Multiple nontrivial solutions for a floating beam equation via critical point theory, 512-513 [Zbl 0969.35131]
Peral, I., Quasilinear elliptic problems in \(\mathbb{R}^N\), 514-516 [Zbl 0964.35045]
Pouso, Rodrigo L., Upper and lower solutions for first order discontinuous BVPs, 517-519 [Zbl 0969.34011]
Rynne, Bryan P., Geometrical properties of the Fučík spectrum of general Sturm-Liouville problems, 520-522 [Zbl 0969.34023]
Skrypnik, I. V., Degree theory for densely defined operators and applications, 523-525 [Zbl 0965.35055]
Stańczy, Robert, The existence of radial, positive solutions for nonlinear elliptic equations in unbounded domains, 526-528 [Zbl 0969.34019]
Bouchekif, Mohammed, On certain quasilinear elliptic equations with indefinite terms, 531-533 [Zbl 0964.35057]
Brenier, Yann, Shortest paths on groups of volume-preserving maps and the hydrostatic limit of the Euler equations, 534-541 [Zbl 0994.76004]
Demoulini, Sophia, Periodic solutions and rigid rotation of the gauged Ginzburg-Landau vortices, 542-544 [Zbl 0969.35122]
Dzhenalieva, Meyramkul, On the heat equation with integral mean-values, 545-547 [Zbl 0968.35054]
Dzhenaliev, Muvasharkhan, The loaded differential equations and their applications, 548-550 [Zbl 0967.35004]
Gastel, Andreas, Existence of equivariant harmonic maps, 551-555 [Zbl 0973.58005]
Florkiewicz, B.; Kuchta, M., Integral inequalities associated with inequalities of Opial type, 556-557 [Zbl 0965.26009]
Kawohl, Bernd, The shape of functions yielding best constants in Sobolev-type inequalities, 558-560 [Zbl 0970.46020]
Nagasawa, Takeyuki; Takagi, Izumi, Closed surfaces minimizing the bending energy under prescribed area and volume, 561-563 [Zbl 1004.74036]
Pacard, Frank, Critical points of the area functional by gluing technics, 564-568 [Zbl 0994.53006]
Salvatore, Addolorata, Multiple solutions for an elliptic equation with non-homogeneous boundary conditions, 569-571 [Zbl 0964.35059]
Sinestrari, Carlo, Convexity estimates for mean curvature flow of mean convex surfaces, 572-574 [Zbl 0979.53077]
Stavrakakis, N. M.; Zographopoulos, N. B., Bifurcation results for quasilinear elliptic systems on \(\mathbb{R}^N\), 575-577 [Zbl 0969.35053]
Wojteczek, Katarzyna, Some general quadratic integral inequalities of the second order, 578-580 [Zbl 0964.26009]
Albano, Paolo; Cannarsa, Piermarco, Propagation of singularities for concave solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations, 583-588 [Zbl 0971.49018]
Bardi, Martino; Da Lio, Francesca, Propagation of maxima and strong maximum principle for viscosity solutions of degenerate elliptic equations, 589-591 [Zbl 0968.49020]
Cutrì, Alessandra, On the Liouville property for nonlinear elliptic problems, 592-594 [Zbl 0968.35044]
Capuzzo Dolcetta, I.; Ishii, H., On the rate of convergence in homogenization of Hamilton-Jacobi equations, 595-599 [Zbl 0968.49019]
Ishii, Hitoshi, Almost periodic homogenization of Hamilton-Jacobi equations, 600-605 [Zbl 0969.35018]
Kutev, Nikolai, Gradient estimates, interior gradient blow ups and comparison principle of nonlinear PDE’s, 606-608 [Zbl 0967.35047]
Ragusa, M. A., Solvability of the Dirichlet problem in \(H_0^{1,p,\lambda} (\Omega)\) for a class of linear second-order elliptic partial differential equations, 609-611 [Zbl 0977.35042]
Arrieta, José M., Spectral behavior and upper semicontinuity of attractors, 615-621 [Zbl 0973.37017]
Hale, Jack K., Dissipation and attractors, 622-637 [Zbl 0971.37037]
Karachalios, Nikos I.; Stavrakakis, Nikos M., Asymptotic behavior of some nonlinear dissipative hyperbolic equations on \(\mathbb{R}^N\), 638-640 [Zbl 0985.37088]
Mielke, Alexander, Exponentially weighted \(L^{\infty}\)-estimates and attractors for parabolic systems on unbounded domains, 641-646 [Zbl 0966.37040]
Raugel, Geneviève, Singularly perturbed hyperbolic equations revisited, 647-652 [Zbl 0969.35089]
Valero, José, Global attractors of reaction-diffusion equations without uniqueness, 653-655 [Zbl 0966.37043]
Chepyzhov, Vladimir V., Kolmogorov \(\varepsilon\)-entropy of attractors of non-autonomous evolution equations, 659-664 [Zbl 0974.37052]
Gelfert, Katrin, Hausdorff dimension estimates by use of adapted Carathéodory outer measures and application to invariant sets with an equivariant tangent bundle splitting, 665-667 [Zbl 0976.37008]
Grasselli, Maurizio, Long time behavior in phase-field models with memory, 668-673 [Zbl 0966.37039]
Miranville, Alain, Long time behavior of models of Cahn-Hilliard equations in deformable continua, 674-679 [Zbl 0966.37041]
Prouse, Giovanni, Existence, uniqueness and asymptotic behaviour of the solutions of nonlinear hyperbolic equations, 680-683 [Zbl 0966.37042]
Schmalfuss, Björn, Attractors for the non-autonomous dynamical systems, 684-689 [Zbl 0971.37038]
Vishik, Mark I., Non-autonomous evolution equations and their attractors, 690-703 [Zbl 0980.37030]
Zelik, S. V., The attractor for a nonlinear reaction-diffusion system in an unbounded domain and Kolmogorov’s \(\varepsilon\)-entropy, 704-708 [Zbl 0981.37033]
Chueshov, Igor, Order-preserving random dynamical systems generated by a class of coupled stochastic semilinear parabolic equations, 711-716 [Zbl 0976.37029]
Mierczyński, Janusz, The principal spectrum for linear nonautomous parabolic PDEs of second order, 717-721 [Zbl 0965.35102]
Poláčik, Peter, Stable subharmonic solutions of reaction-diffusion equations, 722-725 [Zbl 0971.35041]
Abdulla, Ugur G., On the Dirichlet problem for the nonlinear parabolic equations in non-smooth domains, 729-731 [Zbl 0968.35065]
Arnold, Anton; Carlen, Eric, A generalized Bakry-Emery condition for non-symmetric diffusions, 732-734 [Zbl 0967.35057]
Büger, Matthias, Periodic orbits and attractors for autonomous reaction-diffusion systems, 735-737 [Zbl 0973.35039]
Carbou, Gilles; Fabrie, Pierre, Recent results in micromagnetism, 738-740 [Zbl 0968.35112]
Fila, Marek; Matano, Hiroshi, Connecting equilibria by blow-up solutions, 741-743 [Zbl 0969.35082]
Matos, Júlia, Unfocused blow up in semilinear parabolic equations, 744-746 [Zbl 0969.35083]
Morita, Yoshihisa, Collision of layers in a scalar reaction-diffusion equation of 1-space dimension, 747-749 [Zbl 0968.35062]
Do Nascimento, Arnaldo Simal, Formation of stable inner layers in diffusion equations: Necessary and sufficient conditions, 750-752 [Zbl 0969.35081]
Prizzi, Martino; Rybakowski, Krzysztof P., Dynamics on thin domains, 753-759 [Zbl 0963.35084]
Yanagida, Eiji, Reaction-diffusion systems with skew-gradient structure, 760-765 [Zbl 0968.35057]
Afendikov, Andrei; Mielke, Alexander, Multi-pulse solutions in problems with reflection symmetry in cylindrical domains, 769-771 [Zbl 0971.35039]
Anguelov, Roumen; Lubuma, Jean M.-S., On the mathematical foundation of the nonstandard finite difference method, 772-774 [Zbl 0965.65100]
Doelman, Arjen; Eckhaus, Wiktor; Kaper, Tasso J., A note on two pulse solutions in the 1-D Gray-Scott model, 775-780 [Zbl 0973.34028]
Doelman, Arjen; Gardner, Robert A.; Kaper, Tasso J., The stability of large pulse solutions in the generalized Gierer-Meinhardt equation, 781-786 [Zbl 0967.35017]
Gallay, Thierry, Convergence to travelling waves damped hyperbolic equations, 787-793 [Zbl 0969.35094]
Ikeda, Hideo, Global structure of travelling waves for 3 competing species model with diffusion, 794-796 [Zbl 1018.34037]
Sandstede, Björn; Scheel, Arnd, Absolute and convective stability in large domains, 797-800 [Zbl 1004.35019]
Schneider, Guido, Weak hyperbolicity and traveling waves, 801-806 [Zbl 1014.35009]

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