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Number theory. Algebraic numbers and functions. Transl. from the German by David Kramer. (English) Zbl 0953.11001
Graduate Studies in Mathematics. 24. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). xviii, 368 p. (2000).
An English translation of the original German edition [H. Koch, Zahlentheorie: algebraische Zahlen und Funktionen, Vieweg, Wiesbaden (1997; Zbl 0885.11001)]. The only changes are the correction of minor errors and the enlargement of the index.
Reviewer: V.Ennola (Turku)

11-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to number theory
11Rxx Algebraic number theory: global fields
11Axx Elementary number theory
11R11 Quadratic extensions
11R04 Algebraic numbers; rings of algebraic integers
11R42 Zeta functions and \(L\)-functions of number fields
11R44 Distribution of prime ideals
11R27 Units and factorization
11R29 Class numbers, class groups, discriminants
11R37 Class field theory
11A55 Continued fractions