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Mathematics unlimited—2001 and beyond. (English) Zbl 0955.00011
Berlin: Springer. xv, 1236 p. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Antman, Stuart S., Nonlinear continuum physiscs, 1-21 [Zbl 1012.74001]
Babuška, Ivo; Oden, J. Tinsley, Computational mechanics: Where is it going?, 23-28 [Zbl 1047.74535]
Baez, John C.; Dolan, James, From finite sets to Feynman diagrams, 29-50 [Zbl 1004.18001]
Bailey, David H.; Borwein, Jonathan M., Experimental mathematics: recent developments and future outlook., 51-66 [Zbl 1047.00511]
Baltagi, Badi H., The mathematical aspects of econometrics, 67-81 [Zbl 1001.62042]
Barndorf-Nielsen, Ole E.; Gill, Richard D.; Jupp, Peter E., Quantum information., 83-107 [Zbl 1047.81008]
Bertolini, Massimo; Darmon, Henri, The \(p\)-adic \(L\)-functions of modular elliptic curves., 109-170 [Zbl 1048.11051]
Bourguignon, Jean-Pierre, A basis for a new relationship between mathematics and society, 171-188 [Zbl 0982.00009]
Brockett, Roger, New issues in the mathematics of control, 189-219 [Zbl 1005.93002]
Cendra, Hernán; Marsden, Jerrold E.; Ratiu, Tudor S., Geometric mechanics, Lagrangian reduction, and nonholonomic systems, 221-273 [Zbl 1021.37001]
Schmidt, Vasco Alexander, Mathematics: From the outside looking in. Achim Bachem interviewed by Vasco Alexander Schmidt, 275-281 [Zbl 1047.01006]
Cohen, Arjeh M., Communicating mathematics across the web., 283-300 [Zbl 1037.00504]
Cohen, Henri, Computational aspects of number theory, 301-330 [Zbl 1008.11070]
Conrey, J. Brian, \(L\)-functions and random matrices., 331-352 [Zbl 1048.11071]
Constantin, Peter, Some open problems and research directions in the mathematical study of fluid dynamics., 353-360 [Zbl 1047.35110]
Davis, Mark, Mathematics of financial markets., 361-380 [Zbl 1047.91028]
De Schutter, Erik, Computational neuroscience: More math is needed to understand the humain brain, 381-391 [Zbl 1008.92009]
Durrett, Rick, Probability theory. An introduction to its applications, 393-405 [Zbl 0998.60001]
E, Weinan, Selected problems in materials science., 407-432 [Zbl 1047.74500]
Engquist, Björn; Golub, Gene, From numerical analysis to computational science., 433-448 [Zbl 1047.65504]
Faltings, Gerd, Diophantine equations, 449-454 [Zbl 1008.11008]
Engquist, Björn, After the “Golden Age”: What next? Lennart Carleson interviewed by Björn Engquist, 455-461 [Zbl 1014.01005]
Farin, Gerald, Shape., 463-477 [Zbl 1047.65500]
Frauendiener, Jörg; Penrose, Roger, Twistor and general relativity, 479-505 [Zbl 1021.83022]
Goldreich, Oded, Computational complexity., 507-524 [Zbl 1047.68600]
Gromov, Mikhael, Possible trends in mathematics in the coming decades., 525-527 [Zbl 1041.01503]
Gruska, Jozef, Quantum computing challenges., 529-563 [Zbl 1036.81007]
Hall, Peter, Statistical science. Evolution, motivation and direction., 565-575 [Zbl 1047.62500]
Hitchin, Nigel, Global differential geometry, 577-591 [Zbl 1023.53002]
Huisken, Gerhard, Evolution equations in geometry., 593-604 [Zbl 1044.53049]
Johnson, Christopher R.; Livnat, Yarden; Zhukov, Leonid; Hart, David; Kindlmann, Gordon, Computational field visualization., 605-630 [Zbl 1037.65025]
Jones, Christopher K. R. T., Whither applied nonlinear dynamics?, 631-645 [Zbl 1047.70501]
Robinson, Sara, Mathematics comes from many sources\(\dots\) David Eisenbud interviewed by Sara Robinson, 647-653 [Zbl 1034.01502]
Jorgenson, Jay; Lang, Serge, The ubiquitous heat kernel, 655-683 [Zbl 1024.58008]
Kelly, Frank, Mathematical modelling of the internet., 685-702 [Zbl 1044.00526]
Klüppelberg, Claudia, Developments in insurance mathematics., 703-722 [Zbl 1047.91543]
Kobayashi, Toshiyuki, Discontinuous groups for non-Riemannian homogeneous spaces, 723-747 [Zbl 1023.53031]
Koblitz, Neal, Cryptography, 749-769 [Zbl 1015.94011]
Kontsevich, Maxim; Zagier, Don, Periods., 771-808 [Zbl 1039.11002]
Langtangen, Hans Petter; Tvetto, Aslak, How should we prepare the students of science and technology for a life in the computer age?, 809-825 [Zbl 1047.00514]
Longair, Malcolm S., Astrophysics and cosmology in the 21st century., 827-857 [Zbl 1040.85001]
Lück, Wolfgang, \(L^2\)-invariants and their applications to geometry, group theory and spectral theory., 859-871 [Zbl 1047.58500]
Marathe, Kishore B., A chapter in physical mathematics: Theory of knots in sciences., 873-888 [Zbl 1038.00005]
Schmidt, Vasco Alexander, The unity of mathematics. Matthias Kreck interviewed by Vasco Alexander Schmidt, 889-897 [Zbl 1034.01521]
Morrison, David R., Geometric aspects of mirror symmetry., 899-918 [Zbl 1047.14503]
Moschovakis, Yiannis N., What is an algorithm?, 919-936 [Zbl 1025.03037]
Nieminen, Risto M., From number crunching to virtual reality: Mathematics, physics and computation., 937-959 [Zbl 1038.00018]
Quarteroni, Alfio, Modeling the cardiovascular system: A mathematical challenge., 961-970 [Zbl 1036.92013]
Roble, Doug; Chan, Tony, Math in the entertainment industry., 971-990 [Zbl 1038.00006]
Roy, Marie-Françoise, Three problems in real algebraic geometry and their descendants., 991-1001 [Zbl 1047.14504]
Saito, Kyoji, Primitive automorphic forms., 1003-1018 [Zbl 1047.11513]
Schuster, Peter, Mathematical challenges from molecular evolution., 1019-1038 [Zbl 1047.92503]
Selle, Dirk; Spindler, Wolf; Preim, Bernhard; Peitgen, Heinz-Otto, Mathematical methods in medical imaging: Analysis of vascular structures for liver surgery planning, 1039-1059 [Zbl 1008.92023]
Serre, Denis, Systems of conservation laws: A challenge for the XXIst century, 1061-1080 [Zbl 1005.35002]
Sunada, Toshikazu, RIMS for the 21st century. Masatake Mori and Kyoji Saito interviewed by Toshikazu Sunada, 1081-1093 [Zbl 1041.01011]
Spengler, Joel, Discrete probability, 1095-1103 [Zbl 0999.05090]
Stroock, Daniel W., Probability theory. A somewhat narrow perspective, 1105-1113 [Zbl 1005.60071]
van der Geer, Gerard, Error-correction codes and curves over finite fields, 1115-1138 [Zbl 1016.94038]
van Leeuwen, Jan; Wiedermann, Jiří, The Turing machine paradigm in contemporary computing, 1139-1155 [Zbl 1012.68068]
Vershik, Anatoly M., Randomization of algebra and algebraization of probability. An attempt at prediction, 1157-1166 [Zbl 1001.60002]
Viana, Marcelo, Dynamical systems: moving into the next century., 1167-1178 [Zbl 1037.37500]
von Storch, Hans; von Storch, Jin-Song; Müller, Peter, Noise in the climate system – ubiquitous, constitutive and concealing., 1179-1194 [Zbl 1047.86502]
Ziegler, Günter M., Questions about polytopes, 1195-1211 [Zbl 1004.52005]

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