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Evolution equations and their applications in physical and life sciences. Proceeding of the Bad Herrenalb (Karlsruhe) conference, Germany, 1999. (English) Zbl 0957.00037
Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics. 215. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker. xii, 511 p. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Arendt, W., Different domains induce different heat semigroups on \(C_0(\Omega)\), 1-14 [Zbl 0980.35168]
Auscher, P.; Tchamitchian, Ph., Gaussian estimates for second order elliptic divergence operators on Lipschitz and \(C^1\) domains, 15-32 [Zbl 0973.35066]
Bäumer, Boris, Approximate solutions to the abstract Cauchy problem, 33-41 [Zbl 0973.35120]
Balakrishnan, A. V., Smart structures and super stability, 43-53 [Zbl 0974.35080]
Blake, Mark; Brendle, Simon; Nagel, Rainer, On the structure of the critical spectrum of strongly continuous semigroups, 55-65 [Zbl 0985.47034]
Clément, Philippe; Prüss, Jan, An operator-valued transference principle and maximal regularity on vector-valued \(L_p\)-spaces, 67-87 [Zbl 0988.35100]
ter Elst, A. F. M.; Robinson, Derek W., On anomalous asymptotics of heat kernels, 89-103 [Zbl 0977.58023]
Favini, Angelo; Ruiz Goldstein, Gisèle; Goldstein, Jerome A.; Romanelli, Silvia, On some classes of differential operators generating analytic semigroups, 105-120 [Zbl 0997.47038]
Hieber, Matthias, A characterization of the growth bound of a semigroup via Fourier multipliers, 121-124 [Zbl 0985.47032]
Kunstmann, Peer Christian, Laplace transform theory for logarithmic regions, 125-138 [Zbl 0972.44002]
Nicaise, Serge, Exact boundary controllability of Maxwell’s equations in heterogeneous media, 139-148 [Zbl 0973.35182]
Schnaubelt, Roland, A sufficient condition for exponential dichotomy of parabolic evolution equations, 149-158 [Zbl 0973.35121]
Schrohe, E.; Schulze, B.-W., Edge-degenerate boundary value problems on cones, 159-173 [Zbl 0972.35202]
Štrkalj, Željko, A theorem on products of non-commuting sectorial operators, 175-185 [Zbl 0988.47021]
Phong, Vu Quoc, The spectral radius, hyperbolic operators and Lyapunov’s theorem, 187-194 [Zbl 0997.47016]
Weis, Lutz, A new approach to maximal \(L_p\)-regularity, 195-214 [Zbl 0981.35030]
Bothe, Dieter, The instantaneous limit of a reaction-diffusion system, 215-224 [Zbl 0973.35103]
Cascaval, Radu C.; Goldstein, Jerome A., A semigroup approach to dispersive waves, 225-233 [Zbl 0976.35061]
Clément, Ph.; Gripenberg, G.; Londen, S.-O., Regularity properties of solutions of fractional evolution equations, 235-246 [Zbl 1010.47046]
Desch, Wolfgang; Schappacher, Wilhelm; Fašangová, Eva; Milota, Jaroslav, Infinite horizon Riccati operators in nonreflexive spaces, 247-254 [Zbl 0985.47033]
Haraux, Alain, A hyperbolic variant of Simon’s convergence theorem, 255-264 [Zbl 0977.35091]
Pluschke, V., Solution of a quasilinear parabolic-elliptic boundary-value problem, 265-276 [Zbl 0977.35033]
Albeverio, S.; Kurasov, P., Singular cluster interactions in few-body problems, 277-292 [Zbl 1096.81534]
Antoniou, I.; Smolyanov, O. G., Feynman and Wiener path integrals representations of the Liouville evolution, 293-300 [Zbl 1096.81515]
Antoniou, I.; Suchanecki, Z., Spectral characterization of mixing evolutions in classical statistical physics, 301-310 [Zbl 0970.37006]
Belavkin, V. P., On stochastic Schrödinger equation as a Dirac boundary-value problem, and an inductive stochastic limit, 311-327 [Zbl 0974.81033]
von Below, Joachim, A maximum principle for fully nonlinear parabolic equations with time degeneracy, 329-334 [Zbl 0969.35025]
Cordes, H. O., Dirac algebra and Foldy-Wouthuysen transform, 335-346 [Zbl 0972.35111]
Demuth, Michael, On perturbations for the continuous spectra of semigroup generators, 347-354 [Zbl 1010.47009]
Gerbeau, J.-F.; Le Bris, C., Mathematical study of a coupled system arising in magnetohydrodynamics, 355-367 [Zbl 0995.35049]
Hadeler, K. P.; Illner, R.; Van Den Driessche, P., A disease transport model, 369-385 [Zbl 1004.92031]
Lumer, Günter, Blow up and hovering in parabolic systems with singular interactions: Can we “see” a hyperfunction?, 387-393 [Zbl 0980.35083]
Masmoudi, Nader, Some asymptotic problems in fluid mechanics, 395-404 [Zbl 0977.35109]
Petrosky, T.; Prigogine, I., Limits to causality and delocalization in classical field theory, 405-411 [Zbl 1006.81041]
Schmitt, Burkhard J.; Wiegner, Michael, Remarks to the blow-up rate of a degenerate parabolic equation, 413-419 [Zbl 1009.35049]
Taira, K.; Umezu, K., Stability in chemical reactor theory, 421-433 [Zbl 1004.35118]
Brzeźniak, Zdzisław; van Neerven, Jan, Banach space valued Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes indexed by the circle, 435-452 [Zbl 0977.60047]
Van Casteren, Jan A., Some properties of the KMS-function, 453-472 [Zbl 1016.47032]
Cerrai, Sandra, A generalization of the Bismut-Elworthy formula, 473-482 [Zbl 0976.60057]
Da Prato, G., Dirichlet operators for dissipative gradient systems, 483-492 [Zbl 0976.60058]
Jacob, Niels, Generators of Feller semigroups as generators of \(L^p\)-sub-Markovian semigroups, 493-500 [Zbl 0979.60051]
Karczewska, Anna; Zabczyk, Jerzy, A note on stochastic wave equations, 501-511 [Zbl 0978.60066]

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