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Computing: The Australasian Theory Symposium, CATS 2001. Proceedings of the 7th symposium, Bond Univ., Gold Coast, Australia, January 29–30, 2001. (English) Zbl 0957.00045
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science. 42. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 16 papers (electronic only) (2001).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium (6th, 2000) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0942.00058).
Indexed articles:
Sreenivas, A.; Venkatesh, R.; Joseph, Mathai, Meta-modelling for formal software development, 11 p., electronic only [Zbl 0971.68014]
Arslanov, A., On elementary computability-theoretic properties of algorithmic randomness, 11 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68073]
Mizutani, T.; Igarashi, S.; Shio, M., Representation of a discretely controlled continuous system in tense arithmetic, 12 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68101]
Baba, K.; Hirokawa, S.; Fujita, K., Parallel reduction in type free lambda/mu-calculus, 15 p., electronic only [Zbl 0971.68019]
Dawson, J. E.; Gore, R., Embedding display calculi into logical frameworks: Comparing Twelf and Isabelle, 15 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68027]
Gerdsmeier, T.; Cardell-Oliver, R., Analysis of scheduling behaviour using generic timed automata, 15 p., electronic only [Zbl 0971.68010]
La Torre, S.; Napoli, M., A model of finite automata on timed omega-trees, 16 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68083]
Shield, J.; Hayes, I. J.; Carrington, D. A., Using theory interpretation to mechanise the reals in a theorem prover, 16 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68146]
Saunders, S.; Takaoka, T., Improved shortest path algorithms for nearly acyclic graphs, 17 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68120]
Schachte, P., Precise goal-independent abstract interpretation of constraint logic programs, 17 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68029]
Ford, J.; Mason, I. A., Operational techniques in PVS – a preliminary evaluation, 19 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68038]
Dunne, S., Abstract commands: A uniform notation for specification and implementation, 20 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68098]
Cerone, A., Axiomatisation of an interval calculus for theorem proving, 22 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68142]
Link, S.; Schewe, K.-D., Computability and decidability issues in the theory of consistency enforcement, 23 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68099]
Martin, A.; Fidge, C. J., Lifting in \(Z\), 23 p., electronic only [Zbl 0970.68100]
McIver, A.; Morgan, C., Almost-certain eventualities and abstract probabilities in the temporal logic PTL, 29 p., electronic only [Zbl 0972.03016]

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