Artificial intelligence and symbolic computation. International conference AISC 2000, Madrid, Spain, July 17–19, 2000. Revised papers. (English) Zbl 0961.00030

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1930. Berlin: Springer. x, 253 p. (2001).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The 1998 conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 0896.00032).
Indexed articles:
Laita, Luis M.; de Ledesma, Luis; Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio; Brunori, Alberto, George Boole, a forerunner of symbolic computation, 1-19 [Zbl 1042.03002]
Knoppe, Marc, Artificial intelligence as a decision tool for efficient strategic and operational management, 20-31 [Zbl 1042.68646]
Kohlhase, Michael, OMDOC: Towards an internet standard for the administration, distribution, and teaching of mathematical knowledge, 32-52 [Zbl 1042.00511]
Caprotti, Olga; Oostdijk, Martijn, On communicating proofs in interactive mathematical documents, 53-64 [Zbl 1042.00510]
Calmet, Jacques; Kullmann, Peter; Taneda, Morio, Composite distributive lattices as annotation domains for mediators, 65-77 [Zbl 1042.03025]
Bittencourt, Guilherme; Tonin, Isabel, A proof strategy based on a dual representation, 78-91 [Zbl 1042.03011]
Ruiz-Reina, José-Luis; Alonso, José-Antonio; Hidalgo, María-José; Martín-Mateos, Francisco-Jesús, Formalizing rewriting in the ACL2 theorem prover, 92-106 [Zbl 1042.68666]
Fernandez Pineda, Angel; Trillas, Enric; Vaucheret, Claudio, Additional comments on conjectures, hypotheses, and consequences in orthocomplemented lattices, 107-114 [Zbl 1042.06006]
Corless, Robert M.; Davenport, James H.; Jeffrey, David J.; Litt, Gurjeet; Watt, Stephen M., Reasoning about the elementary functions of complex analysis, 115-126 [Zbl 1042.68128]
Ceberio, Martine; Granvilliers, Laurent, Solving nonlinear systems by constraint inversion and interval arithmetic, 127-141 [Zbl 1042.68127]
Castro, Carlos; Monfroy, Eric, Basic operators for solving constraints via collaboration of solvers, 142-156 [Zbl 1042.68103]
Roanes-Macías, Eugenio; Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio, Automatic determination of geometric loci. 3D-extension of Simson-Steiner theorem, 157-173 [Zbl 1042.68129]
Corless, Robert M.; Giesbrecht, Mark W.; Kotsireas, Ilias S.; Watt, Stephen M., Numerical implicitization of parametric hypersurfaces with linear algebra, 174-183 [Zbl 1042.65020]
Pfalzgraf, Jochen, A note on modeling connectionist network structures: Geometric and categorical aspects, 184-199 [Zbl 1042.68099]
Iglesias, Andres; Gálvez, Akemi, A new artificial intelligence paradigm for computer-aided geometric design, 200-213 [Zbl 1042.68685]
Iglesias, Andres, How symbolic computation can benefit computer-aided geometric design, 214-218 [Zbl 1042.68684]
Maazouzi, Zahir; Andrianarivelo, Nirina; Bousdira, Wadoud; Chabin, Jacques, CDR: A rewriting based tool to design FPLA circuits, 219-222 [Zbl 1042.68607]
Rubio, Julio, Locally effective objects and artificial intelligence, 223-226 [Zbl 1042.68828]
Arranz, Marco A., Negotiation algorithms for multi-agent interactions, 227-239 [Zbl 1042.68667]
Boy de la Tour, Thierry, Some techniques of isomorph-free search, 240-252 [Zbl 1042.68102]


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Zbl 0896.00032


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