Non-Noetherian commutative ring theory. (English) Zbl 0964.00012

Mathematics and its Applications (Dordrecht). 520. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. x, 479 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Anderson, D. D., GCD domains, Gauss’ lemma, and contents of polynomials, 1-31 [Zbl 1024.13006]
Anderson, David F., The class group and local class group of an integral domain, 33-55 [Zbl 1068.13010]
Barucci, Valentina, Mori domains, 57-73 [Zbl 1079.13509]
Cahen, Paul-Jean; Chabert, Jean-Luc, What’s new about integer-valued polynomials on a subset?, 75-96 [Zbl 0984.13012]
Chapman, Scott T.; Coykendall, Jim, Half-factorial domains, a survey, 97-115 [Zbl 0987.13010]
Chapman, Scott T.; Freeze, Michael; Smith, William W., On generalized lengths of factorizations in Dedekind and Krull domains., 117-137 [Zbl 0987.13011]
Dobbs, David E., Recent progress on going-down. I, 139-168 [Zbl 1094.13510]
Fontana, Marco; Huckaba, James A., Localizing systems and semistar operations, 169-197 [Zbl 1047.13002]
Gabelli, Stefania; Houston, Evan, Ideal theory in pullbacks, 199-227 [Zbl 1094.13501]
Gilmer, Robert, Commutative rings of dimension 0, 229-249 [Zbl 1055.13011]
Glaz, Sarah, Finite conductor rings with zero divisors, 251-269 [Zbl 1091.13506]
Halter-Koch, Franz, Construction of ideal systems with nice Noetherian properties, 271-285 [Zbl 0988.13002]
Heinzer, William; Roitman, Moshe, Generalized local rings and finite generation of powers of ideals, 287-312 [Zbl 0990.13013]
Huckaba, James A.; Papick, Ira, Connecting trace properties, 313-323 [Zbl 1056.13500]
Loper, K. Alan, Constructing examples of integral domains by intersecting valuation domains, 325-340 [Zbl 0987.13013]
Lucas, Thomas G., Examples built with \(D+M\), \(A+XB[X]\) and other pullback constructions, 341-368 [Zbl 1005.13002]
Picavet, Gabriel; Picavet-L’Hermitte, Martine, \(t\)-closedness, 369-386 [Zbl 0995.13003]
Vinsonhaler, C., \(E\)-rings and related structures, 387-402 [Zbl 0988.16021]
Wiegand, Roger; Wiegand, Sylvia, Prime ideals and decompositions of modules, 403-428 [Zbl 1039.13004]
Zafrullah, Muhammad, Putting \(t\)-invertibility to use, 429-457 [Zbl 0988.13003]
Chapman, Scott T.; Glaz, Sarah, One hundred problems in commutative ring theory, 459-476 [Zbl 0979.13001]


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