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Rewriting techniques and applications. 12th international conference, RTA 2001, Utrecht, The Netherlands, May 22–24, 2001. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0967.00070
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2051. Berlin: Springer. xii, 363 p. (2001).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (11th, 2000) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0941.00035).
Indexed articles:
Barendregt, Henk, Computing and proving, 1 [Zbl 0981.68580]
Rusinowitch, Michael, Rewriting for deduction and verification, 2 [Zbl 0981.68635]
Bechet, Denis, Universal interaction systems with only two agents, 3-14 [Zbl 0981.68038]
Berarducci, Alessandro; Böhm, Corrado, General recursion on second order term algebras, 15-30 [Zbl 0988.68044]
Bodirsky, Manuel; Erk, Katrin; Koller, Alexander; Niehren, Joachim, Beta reduction constraints, 31-46 [Zbl 0988.68045]
Bonelli, Eduardo; Kesner, Delia; Ríos, Alejandro, From higher-order to first-order rewriting (extended abstract), 47-62 [Zbl 0981.68503]
Boudet, Alexandre; Contejean, Evelyne, Combining pattern \(E\)-unification algorithms, 63-76 [Zbl 0981.68060]
Cirstea, Horatiu; Kirchner, Claude; Liquori, Luigi, Matching power, 77-92 [Zbl 0981.68065]
Giesl, Jürgen; Kapur, Deepak, Dependency pairs for equational rewriting, 93-107 [Zbl 0981.68063]
Hofbauer, Dieter, Termination proofs by context-dependent interpretations, 108-121 [Zbl 0981.68068]
Khasidashvili, Zurab; Ogawa, Mizuhito; van Oostrom, Vincent, Uniform normalisation beyond orthogonality, 122-136 [Zbl 0981.68071]
Korovin, Konstantin; Voronkov, Andrei, Verifying orientability of rewrite rules using the Knuth-Bendix order, 137-153 [Zbl 0981.68072]
Kühnemann, Armin; Glück, Robert; Kakehi, Kazuhiko, Relating accumulative and non-accumulative functional programs, 154-168 [Zbl 1018.68017]
Levy, Jordi; Villaret, Mateu, Context unification and traversal equations, 169-184 [Zbl 0981.68062]
Limet, Sébastien; Réty, Pierre; Seidl, Helmut, Weakly regular relations and applications, 185-200 [Zbl 0981.68083]
Lohrey, Markus, On the parallel complexity of tree automata, 201-215 [Zbl 0981.68082]
Lucas, Salvador, Transfinite rewriting semantics for term rewriting systems, 216-230 [Zbl 0981.68070]
Lynch, Christopher; Morawska, Barbara, Goal-directed \(E\)-unification, 231-245 [Zbl 0981.68064]
Oyamaguchi, Michio; Ohta, Yoshikatsu, The unification problem for confluent right-ground term rewriting systems, 246-260 [Zbl 0981.68069]
van Raamsdonk, Femke, On termination of higher-order rewriting, 261-275 [Zbl 0981.68067]
Ringeissen, Christophe, Matching with free function symbols – a simple extension of matching?, 276-290 [Zbl 0981.68066]
Struth, Georg, Deriving focused calculi for transitive relations, 291-305 [Zbl 0981.03034]
Vestergaard, René; Brotherston, James, A formalised first-order confluence proof for the \(\lambda\)-calculus using one-sorted variable names (Barendregt was right after all . . . almost), 306-321 [Zbl 0981.68026]
Woinowski, Jens R., A normal form for Church-Rosser language systems, 322-337 [Zbl 0981.68059]
Yamada, Toshiyuki, Confluence and termination of simply typed term rewriting systems, 338-352 [Zbl 0981.68061]
Pinto, Jorge Sousa, Parallel evaluation of interaction nets with MPINE, 353-356 [Zbl 0981.68631]
Visser, Eelco, Stratego: A language for program transformation based on rewriting strategies. System description of Stratego 0. 5, 357-361 [Zbl 0981.68679]

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