Mathematical methods for curves and surfaces. 5th international conference, Oslo, Norway, June 29 – July 4, 2000. (English) Zbl 0968.00046

Innovations in Applied Mathematics. Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University Press. xviii, 554 p. (2001).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 2nd conference 1997 has been reviewed (see Zbl 0892.00046).
Indexed articles:
Ahn, Sung Joon; Rauh, Wolfgang; Warnecke, Hans-Jürgen, Best-fit of implicit surfaces and plane curves, 1-14 [Zbl 0989.65017]
Albrecht, Gudrun, Determination of geometrical invariants of rationally parametrized conic sections, 15-24 [Zbl 0989.65034]
Allasia, G.; Besenghi, R.; De Rossi, A., A scattered data approximation scheme for the detection of fault lines, 25-34 [Zbl 0990.65028]
Barsky, Brian A.; Goldman, Ronald N., Beta-continuity revisited: Determining Bézier control vertices to construct geometrically continuous curves and surfaces, 35-44 [Zbl 0990.65019]
Bremer, Peer-Timo; Hamann, Bernd; Kreylos, Oliver; Wolter, Franz-Erich, Simplification of closed triangulated surfaces using simulated annealing, 45-54 [Zbl 0989.65035]
Carnicer, J. M.; Gasca, M., Planar configurations with simple Lagrange interpolation formulae, 55-62 [Zbl 1003.65008]
Crampton, A.; Mason, J. C.; Turner, D. A., Approximating semi-structured data with different errors using support vector machine regression, 63-72 [Zbl 0989.65018]
DeRose, Tony D., Subdivision surfaces in feature films, 73-79 [Zbl 0989.65036]
Dokken, Tor, Approximate implicitization, 81-102 [Zbl 0989.65019]
Dokken, Tor; Kellermann, Hermann K.; Tegnander, Cathrine, An approach to weak approximate implicitization, 103-112 [Zbl 0989.65020]
Dubuc, Serge; Merrien, Jean-Louis, A 4-point Hermite subdivision scheme, 113-122 [Zbl 0989.65006]
Dyn, Nira; Floater, Michael S.; Iske, Armin, Univariate adaptive thinning, 123-134 [Zbl 0989.65007]
Dyn, Nira; Hormann, Kai; Kim, Sun-Jeong; Levin, David, Optimizing 3D triangulations using discrete curvature analysis, 135-146 [Zbl 0989.65037]
Goodman, Tim N. T., Refinable spline functions and Hermite interpolation, 147-161 [Zbl 0989.65154]
Goshtasby, A. Ardeshir, Approximating digital shapes by parametric surfaces, 163-172 [Zbl 0989.65021]
Hagen, Hans; Scheuermann, Gerik, Clifford algebra and flows, 173-182 [Zbl 1002.65025]
Ho, Chih-Cheng; Cohen, Elaine, Surface self-intersection, 183-194 [Zbl 0989.65038]
Höllig, Klaus; Reif, Ulrich; Wipper, Joachim, Error estimates for the web-spline method, 195-209 [Zbl 0989.65126]
Iske, Armin, Hierarchical scattered data filtering for multilevel interpolation schemes, 211-221 [Zbl 0989.65008]
Jüttler, Bert, Bounding the Hausdorff distance between implicitly defined and/or parametric curves, 223-232 [Zbl 0990.65029]
Karčiauskas, Kȩstutis, Biangle surface patches, 233-242 [Zbl 0989.65022]
Lee, Byung-Gook; Lyche, Tom; Mørken, Knut, Some examples of quasi-interpolants constructed from local spline projectors, 243-252 [Zbl 0989.65009]
Lopes, Hélio; Pesco, Sinésio, Single-valued tubular surface intersection using interval arithmetic, 253-262 [Zbl 0989.65039]
Lu, Zhaoying; Willis, Claire; Paddon, Derek, Surface animation for flower growth, 263-272 [Zbl 0989.65023]
Ma, Marryat; Mann, Stephen, Multiresolution editing of pasted surfaces, 273-282 [Zbl 0989.65024]
Mainar, Esmeralda; Peña, Juan Manuel, Knot insertion algorithms and local linear independence, 283-292 [Zbl 0990.65013]
Manni, Carla, Local tension methods for bivariate scattered data interpolation, 293-314 [Zbl 0989.65010]
Morandi, Rossana; Sestini, Alessandra, Data reduction in surface approximation, 315-324 [Zbl 0989.65025]
Morin, Géraldine; Goldman, Ron, The analytic blossom, 325-346 [Zbl 0989.65026]
Neagu, Manuela; Calcoen, Emmanuelle; Lacolle, Bernard, Bézier curves: Topological convergence of the control polygon, 347-354 [Zbl 1002.65026]
Neamtu, Marian, What is the natural generalization of univariate splines to higher dimensions?, 355-392 [Zbl 0988.41004]
Nürnberger, Günther; Schumaker, Larry L.; Zeilfelder, Frank, Local Lagrange interpolation by bivariate \(C^1\) cubic splines, 393-403 [Zbl 0989.65011]
Oja, Peeter, Stability of collocation by smooth splines for Volterra integral equations, 405-412 [Zbl 0989.65149]
Peternell, Martin, \(G^1\)-Hermite interpolation of ruled surfaces, 413-422 [Zbl 0989.65012]
Rössl, Ch.; Kobbelt, L.; Seidel, H.-P., Recovering structural information from triangulated surfaces, 423-432 [Zbl 0989.65027]
Scherer, Karl, Lower bounds for Bernstein-Bézier condition number, 433-443 [Zbl 0992.41010]
Schneider, Robert; Kobbelt, Leif; Seidel, Hans-Peter, Improved bi-Laplacian mesh fairing, 445-454 [Zbl 1002.65027]
Schwanecke, U.; Kobbelt, L., Approximate envelope reconstruction for moving solids, 455-466 [Zbl 0989.65040]
Sederberg, Thomas W.; Zheng, Jianmin, Towards the \(\mu\)-basis of a rational surface, 467-476 [Zbl 0989.65028]
Suter, Erich, A strategy for the construction of piecewise linear prewavelets over type-1 triangulations in any space dimension, 477-486 [Zbl 1002.65154]
Taleb, Salim, A mixed representation approach to offsets of rational curves, 487-496 [Zbl 0989.65029]
Ueda, Kenji, Pedal curves and surfaces, 497-506 [Zbl 0989.65030]
Velho, Luiz, Generalizing the \(C^4\) four-directional box spline to surfaces of arbitrary topology, 507-516 [Zbl 0989.65031]
Wendland, Holger, Moving least squares approximation on the sphere, 517-526 [Zbl 0989.65043]
Windmolders, Joris; Dierckx, Paul, NURPS for special effects and quadrics, 527-534 [Zbl 0989.65032]
Winkler, Joab R., Computational experiments with resultants for scaled Bernstein polynomials, 535-544 [Zbl 0989.65041]
Xie, Zhiyong; Farin, Gerald E., Deformation with hierarchical B-splines, 545-554 [Zbl 0989.65042]


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