Special functions 2000: current perspective and future directions. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Tempe, AZ, USA, May 29–June 9, 2000. (English) Zbl 0969.00053

NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. 30. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xi, 520 p. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Andrews, George E., Bailey’s transform, lemma, chains and tree, 1-22 [Zbl 1005.33005]
Van Assche, Walter; Geronimo, Jeffrey S.; Kuijlaars, Arno B. J., Riemann-Hilbert problems for multiple orthogonal polynomials, 23-59 [Zbl 0997.42012]
Berndt, Bruce C., Flowers which we connot yet see growing in Ramanujan’s garden of hypergeometric series, elliptic functions, and \(q\)’s, 61-85 [Zbl 1014.33012]
Bultheel, Adhemar; Gonzalez-Vera, Pablo; Hendriksen, Erik; Njåstad, Olav, Orthogonal rational functions and continued fractions, 87-109 [Zbl 0995.42017]
Dunkl, Charles F., Orthogonal polynomials and reflection groups, 111-128 [Zbl 0997.33005]
Grünbaum, F. Alberto, The bispectral problem: An overview, 129-140 [Zbl 0999.47018]
Haine, Luc, The Bochner-Krall problem: Some new perspectives, 141-178 [Zbl 1001.33006]
Ismail, Mourad E. H., Lectures on \(q\)-orthogonal polynomials, 179-219 [Zbl 0995.33010]
Koelink, Erik; Stokman, Jasper V., The Askey-Wilson function transform scheme, 221-241 [Zbl 0995.33012]
Ono, Ken, Arithmetic of the partition function., 243-253 [Zbl 1065.11081]
Rahman, Mizan, The associated classical orthogonal polynomials, 255-279 [Zbl 0995.33001]
Ruijsenaars, S. N. M., Special functions defined by analytic difference equations, 281-333 [Zbl 1030.33001]
Spiridonov, V. P., The factorization method, self-similar potentials and quantum algebras, 335-364 [Zbl 1018.33016]
Spiridonov, V. P.; Zhedanov, A. S., Generalized eigenvalue problem and a new family of rational functions biorthogonal on elliptic grids., 365-388 [Zbl 1039.42022]
Stanton, Dennis, Orthogonal polynomials and combinatorics, 389-409 [Zbl 0993.05150]
Suslov, Sergei K., Basic exponential functions on a \(q\)-quadratic grid, 411-456 [Zbl 1005.33007]
Tolstoy, V. N., Projection operator method for quantum groups, 457-488 [Zbl 1019.81025]
Wong, R., Uniform asymptotic expansions, 489-503 [Zbl 1004.41016]
Wong, R., Exponential asymptotics, 505-518 [Zbl 1004.41017]


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33-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to special functions