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Optimal evasion against a persuer guided by the proportional navigation method. (English. Russian original) Zbl 0969.49023
Mosc. Univ. Mech. Bull. 53, No. 1, 38-42 (1998); translation from Vestn. Kosk. Univ., Ser. I 1998, No. 1, 1-5 (1998).
The authors study the problem of determining the trajectory of optimal evasion from the persuer directed by the method of proportional navigation. It is assumed that the object and the missile are moving in a plane and are material points, the point velocities are constant, there is no delay in the system and the method of proportional guidance is realized ideally on the missile. The domain of the initial conditions is specified under which the object necessarily evades the missile.
49N75 Pursuit and evasion games
91A24 Positional games (pursuit and evasion, etc.)
93C95 Application models in control theory
93C15 Control/observation systems governed by ordinary differential equations
49J15 Existence theories for optimal control problems involving ordinary differential equations