ICIAM 99. Proceedings of the 4th international congress on industrial & applied mathematics, Edinburgh, GB, July 5–9, 1999. (English) Zbl 0970.62003

Oxford: Oxford University Press. xxxvi, 336 p. (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding congress (3rd, 1995) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0866.00028, Zbl 0866.00029, Zbl 0866.00030, Zbl 0866.00031, Zbl 0866.00032 and Zbl 0836.00021).
Indexed articles:
Bathe, Klaus-Jürgen; Rugonyi, Sandra; De, Suvranu, On the current state of finite element methods – solids and structures with full coupling to fluid flows., 1-12 [Zbl 1055.74039]
Berestycki, Henri, Some nonlinear PDE’s in the theory of flame propagation., 13-22 [Zbl 1043.76061]
Chapman, S. J., Macroscopic models of superconductivity, 23-34 [Zbl 0997.82046]
Constantin, P., Navier-Stokes equations and fluid turbulence, 35-46 [Zbl 1002.76038]
Engl, Heinz W., Regularization methods for solving inverse problems, 47-62 [Zbl 0992.65058]
Friedman, Avner, Propagation of cracks in elastic media., 63-68 [Zbl 1055.74554]
Greengard, Leslie, On the numerical solution of partial differential equations in unbounded domains, 69-78 [Zbl 0993.65110]
Jameson, A.; Alonso, J. J., Future research avenues in computational engineering and design., 79-95 [Zbl 1033.76034]
Johnson, Claes, Adaptive computational methods for differential equations, 96-104 [Zbl 0994.65081]
Kelly, Frank, Mathematical modelling of the internet, 105-116 [Zbl 1015.68013]
Kida, Shigeo, Computational analysis of turbulence. Description by low-pressure vortices, 117-128 [Zbl 1002.76052]
Kikuchi, Fumio, Theoretical aspects of Nedelec’s edge elements applied to eletromagnetic problems, 129-140 [Zbl 0993.78019]
Aarts, Emile; Hurkens, Cor; Lenstra, Jan Karel, Whizzkids: Two exercises in computational discrete optimization, 141-152 [Zbl 1015.68531]
Moffatt, H. K., Vortex structures in turbulent flow., 153-162 [Zbl 1044.76071]
Moran, Bill; Avdonin, Sergei, Sampling of multi-band signals, 163-174 [Zbl 0992.94502]
DeSimone, Antonio; Kohn, Robert V.; Müller, Stefan; Otto, Felix, Magnetic microstructures – a paradigm of multiscale problems, 175-190 [Zbl 0991.82038]
Abdoulaev, Gassan; Achdou, Yves; Hontand, Jean-Claude; Kuznetsov, Yuri; Pironneau, Olivier; Prud’homme, Christophe, Domain decomposition for Navier-Stokes equations., 191-204 [Zbl 1075.76627]
Popescu, Sandu, What is quantum computation?, 205-221 [Zbl 1007.81016]
Sethian, J. A., Advancing interfaces: Level set and fast marching methods, 222-233 [Zbl 0994.65090]
Tezuka, Shu, Quasi-Monte Carlo methods for financial applications., 234-245 [Zbl 1051.91039]
Virga, Epifanio G., Exotic applications of liquid crystals, 246-258 [Zbl 1009.37053]
Wright, Margaret H., What, if anything, is new in optimization?, 259-270 [Zbl 0992.65060]
Yuan, Yaxiang, A review of trust region algorithms for optimization, 271-282 [Zbl 0992.65061]


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