Logarithmic corrections to black hole entropy, from the Cardy formula. (English) Zbl 0970.83026

Summary: Many recent attempts to calculate black hole entropy from first principles rely on conformal field theory techniques. By examining the logarithmic corrections to the Cardy formula, the author computes the first-order quantum correction to the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy in several models, including those based on asymptotic symmetries, horizon symmetries and certain string theories. Despite very different physical assumptions, these models all give a correction proportional to the logarithm of the horizon size, and agree qualitatively with recent results from ‘quantum geometry’ in \(3+1\) dimensions. There are some indications that even the coefficient of the correction may be universal, up to differences that depend on the treatment of angular momentum and conserved charges.


83C57 Black holes
80A10 Classical and relativistic thermodynamics
83D05 Relativistic gravitational theories other than Einstein’s, including asymmetric field theories
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