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Algorithms - ESA 2001. 9th annual European symposium, Århus, Denmark, August 28–31, 2001. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0971.00046
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2161. Berlin: Springer. xii, 538 p. (2001).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium (8th, 2000) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0947.00037).
Indexed articles:
Arge, Lars, External memory data structures. (Invited paper), 1-29 [Zbl 1006.68524]
Albers, Susanne, Some algorithmic problems in large networks, 30-32 [Zbl 1006.68713]
Zwick, Uri, Exact and approximate distances in graphs – a survey, 33-48 [Zbl 1006.68543]
Gaysinsky, Alexander; Itai, Alon; Shachnai, Hadas, Strongly competitive algorithms for caching with pipelined prefetching, 49-61 [Zbl 1006.68521]
Hutchinson, David A.; Sanders, Peter; Vitter, Jeffrey Scott, Duality between prefetching and queued writing with parallel disks, 62-73 [Zbl 1007.68500]
Krumke, Sven O.; de Paepe, Willem E.; Rambau, Jörg; Stougie, Leen, Online bin coloring, 74-85 [Zbl 1006.68954]
Seiden, Steven S., A general decomposition theorem for the \(k\)-server problem, 86-97 [Zbl 1006.68956]
Csirik, János; Imreh, Csanád; Noga, John; Seiden, Steve S.; Woeginger, Gerhard J., Buying a constant competitive ratio for paging, 98-108 [Zbl 1006.68501]
Dietzfelbinger, Martin; Hagerup, Torben, Simple minimal perfect hashing in less space, 109-120 [Zbl 1006.68526]
Pagh, Rasmus; Rodler, Flemming Friche, Cuckoo hashing, 121-133 [Zbl 1006.68522]
Sellmann, Meinolf; Fahle, Torsten, Coupling variable fixing algorithms for the automatic recording problem, 134-145 [Zbl 1159.90479]
Lepère, Renaud; Trystram, Denis; Woeginger, Gerhard J., Approximation algorithms for scheduling malleable tasks under precedence constraints, 146-157 [Zbl 1006.68502]
Halldórsson, Bjarni V.; Halldórsson, Magnús M.; Ravi, R., On the approximability of the minimum test collection problem (extended abstract), 158-169 [Zbl 1006.68958]
Kolpakov, Roman; Kucherov, Gregory, Finding approximate repetitions under Hamming distance, 170-181 [Zbl 1006.68547]
Lancia, Giuseppe; Bafna, Vineet; Istrail, Sorin; Lippert, Ross; Schwartz, Russell, SNPs problems, complexity, and algorithms, 182-193 [Zbl 1016.92023]
Angel, Eric; Bampis, Evripidis; Kononov, Alexander, A FPTAS for approximating the unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem with costs, 194-205 [Zbl 1159.90395]
Fishkin, Aleksei V.; Jansen, Klaus; Mastrolilli, Monaldo, Grouping techniques for scheduling problems: simpler and faster, 206-217 [Zbl 1112.90333]
Karuno, Yoshiyuki; Nagamochi, Hiroshi, A 2-approximation algorithm for the multi-vehicle scheduling problem on a path with release and handling times, 218-229 [Zbl 1159.90405]
Goldberg, Andrew V., A simple shortest path algorithm with linear average time, 230-241 [Zbl 1007.05088]
Mehlhorn, Kurt; Schäfer, Guido, A heuristic for Dijkstra’s algorithm with many targets and its use in weighted matching algorithms, 242-253 [Zbl 1007.68520]
Burnikel, Christoph; Funke, Stefan; Mehlhorn, Kurt; Schirra, Stefan; Schmitt, Susanne, A separation bound for real algebraic expressions, 254-265 [Zbl 1006.68960]
Czumaj, Artur; Sohler, Christian, Property testing with geometric queries (extended abstract), 266-277 [Zbl 1006.68558]
Abellanas, Manuel; Hurtado, Ferran; Icking, Christian; Klein, Rolf; Langetepe, Elmar; Ma, Lihong; Palop, Belén; Sacristán, Vera, Smallest color-spanning objects, 278-289 [Zbl 1006.68559]
Radhakrishnan, Jaikumar; Raman, Venkatesh; Rao, S. Srinivasa, Explicit deterministic constructions for membership in the bitprobe model, 290-299 [Zbl 1006.68523]
Pagh, Rasmus; Rodler, Flemming Friche, Lossy dictionaries, 300-311 [Zbl 1006.68525]
Chazelle, Bernard; Devillers, Olivier; Hurtado, Ferran; Mora, Mercè; Sacristán, Vera; Teillaud, Monique, Splitting a Delaunay triangulation in linear time, 312-320 [Zbl 1006.68560]
Ebbers-Baumann, Annette; Klein, Rolf; Langetepe, Elmar; Lingas, Andrzej, A fast algorithm for approximating the detour of a polygonal chain, 321-332 [Zbl 1006.68557]
Eidenbenz, Stephan; Widmayer, Peter, An approximation algorithm for Minimum Convex Cover with logarithmic performance guarantee, 333-344 [Zbl 1007.68190]
Czygrinow, A.; Hańćkowiak, M.; Karoński, M., Distributed \(O(\Delta \log{n})\)-edge-coloring algorithm, 345-355 [Zbl 1007.05090]
Douceur, John R.; Wattenhofer, Roger P., Modeling replica placement in a distributed file system: narrowing the gap between analysis and simulation, 356-367 [Zbl 1006.68955]
Bläser, Markus; Siebert, Bodo, Computing cycle covers without short cycles, 368-379 [Zbl 1007.05089]
Thilikos, Dimitrios M.; Serna, Maria J.; Bodlaender, Hans L., A polynomial time algorithm for the cutwidth of bounded degree graphs with small treewidth, 380-390 [Zbl 1007.05091]
Sensen, Norbert, Lower bounds and exact algorithms for the graph partitioning problem using multicommodity flows, 391-403 [Zbl 1006.68546]
Akcoglu, Karhan; Kao, Ming-Yang; Raghavan, Shuba V., Fast pricing of European Asian options with provable accuracy: single-stock and basket options, 404-415 [Zbl 1037.91041]
Goldberg, Andrew V.; Hartline, Jason D., Competitive auctions for multiple digital goods, 416-427 [Zbl 1037.91036]
Langerman, Stefan; Lodha, Sachin; Shah, Rahul, Algorithms for efficient filtering in content-based multicast, 428-439 [Zbl 1006.68561]
Fraigniaud, Pierre, Approximation algorithms for minimum-time broadcast under the vertex-disjoint paths mode, 440-451 [Zbl 1006.68959]
Clementi, Andrea E. F.; Monti, Angelo; Silvestri, Riccardo, Round robin is optimal for fault-tolerant broadcasting on wireless networks (extended abstract), 452-463 [Zbl 1006.68500]
Fiala, Jiří; Fishkin, Aleksei V.; Fomin, Fedor V., Online and offline distance constrained labeling of disk graphs. (Extended abstract), 464-475 [Zbl 1007.68521]
Gavoille, Cyril; Katz, Michal; Katz, Nir A.; Paul, Christophe; Peleg, David, Approximate distance labeling schemes (extended abstract), 476-487 [Zbl 1006.68542]
Dujmović, V.; Fellows, M.; Hallett, M.; Kitching, M.; Liotta, G.; McCartin, C.; Nishimura, N.; Ragde, P.; Rosamond, F.; Suderman, M.; Whitesides, S.; Wood, D. R., On the parameterized complexity of layered graph drawing, 488-499 [Zbl 1006.68544]
Cooper, Colin; Frieze, Alan M., A general model of undirected web graphs, 500-511 [Zbl 1006.68541]
Caprara, Alberto; Panconesi, Alessandro; Rizzi, Romeo, Packing cycles and cuts in undirected graphs, 512-523 [Zbl 1006.68545]
Zito, Michele, Greedy algorithms for minimisation problems in random regular graphs, 524-536 [Zbl 1006.68957]

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