Mathematical and quantum aspects of relativity and cosmology. Proceedings of the 2nd Samos meeting on cosmology, geometry and relativity, Pythagoreon, Greece, August 31–September 4, 1998. (English) Zbl 0973.00060

Lecture Notes in Physics. 537. Berlin: Springer. x, 251 p. (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding meeting (1st, 1994) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0833.00036).
Indexed articles:
Choquet-Bruhat, Yvonne, Global wave maps on curved space times, 1-29 [Zbl 0994.83006]
Anderson, Arlen; Choquet-Bruhat, Yvonne; York, James W. jun., Einstein’s equations and equivalent hyperbolic dynamical systems, 30-54 [Zbl 0987.83006]
Beig, R., Generalized Bowen-York initial data, 55-69 [Zbl 0993.83004]
Fischer, Arthur E.; Moncrief, Vincent, The reduced Hamiltonian of general relativity and the \(\sigma\)-constant of conformal geometry, 70-101 [Zbl 0996.83011]
Gibbons, G. W., Anti-de-Sitter spacetime and its uses, 102-142 [Zbl 0987.83002]
Brill, Dieter, Black holes and wormholes in \(2+1\) dimensions, 143-179 [Zbl 0993.83018]
Hawking, S. W., Open inflation, 180-190 [Zbl 0995.83078]
Quevedo, Hernando; Ryan, Michael P. jun., Generating cosmological solutions from known solutions, 191-213 [Zbl 1001.83016]
Ivashchuk, V. D.; Melnikov, V. N., Multidimensional cosmological and spherically symmetric solutions with intersecting \(p\)-branes, 214-247 [Zbl 0993.83036]
Gibbons, G. W., Open issues, 249-251 [Zbl 0998.83062]


00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
83-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to relativity and gravitational theory


Zbl 0833.00036
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